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[NA][IoJ][PvX] The Saltcube Factory [CUBE] is Seeking Guildies

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The Saltcube Factory [CUBE] is looking for new, returning, and veteran players to join our fun. We are an NA guild based on Isle of Janthir that plays all game modes with focus in WvW and casual PvE. Don't let the casual fool you! Our leadership has thousands of hours of GW2 experience and we're willing to share and give advice. Fair warning, we are not structured for Raids but maybe one day. ;)

So What Do We Offer?

  • Fully upgraded Guild Hall (Windswept Haven)
  • Discord for listening in and keeping up with news and events
  • Guild Missions every Monday
  • Tons of game knowledge and will to answer most questions
  • WvW every Friday Reset and havoc groups on Wednesdays
  • No expectations and no pressure for WvW with a focus on fun. We still win fights
  • Guild contests with great rewards
  • No rep requirement except for Guild Missions cuz that's how you get loot :P
  • We're relaxed, mature, friendly, and GW2 focused. Come have fun or complain with us but leave the drama to irl
  • The Saltcube Factory is considered a safe place for all human beings that can treat each other as such

If this sounds like your new home, then here's an early welcome!

Leave a message here and we'll send you an invite or mail one these awesome Cubes in-game:



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