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Merchandise idea: lore/novel books


Recently I was discussing the three GW2 novels with my friend and also the library in the domain of istan and is there anyone else who likes the idea of having a lore or novel bookseries about gw2? I and my friend would definitely love a row full of gw2 lore/novel books.

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  • Randulf.7614Randulf.7614 Member ✭✭✭✭

    We have 3 novels already, but there didn't sound like much interest to write any more. Whilst They were very hit and miss, I'd prob still read more.

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  • Ardid.7203Ardid.7203 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I agree, I would like to read more. In the style of Sea of Sorrow, preferably.

  • Arden.7480Arden.7480 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Ree Soesbee left ANet ( :( ) so she was the last person who might have written a new novel, and now she's gone, I doubt there will be any other GW2 novel. :(

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  • Boulder.3589Boulder.3589 Member ✭✭✭
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    Maybe a set of a physical copy of the lore pages and that kind of stuff that are already in game?

    Oh and this one might be popular with fashion wars players: I believe there is a third party? company that makes figurines / action figures of your character in wow. I wouldn't mind something like that for GW2. if anyone is interested.

  • The world feels empty to me because of the lack of more lore based content. I.E quest. Now the current events do a good job of feeling the void slightly. We need more stuff like reforging Caladbog. I said that to say this. One of the things that makes WoW seem so full is the books. Even Elder Scrolls has two books. Now GW2 does have 3 books and they are fantastic IMO. However, they could use books to set up future story lines. Just how they did with Edge Of Destiny. They never beat Kalk giving the player character room to come in and save the day later. The Kalk stuff in game is some of my most fav because the books made him/her/xer feel like a real threat to the world. The other dragons lack that. The reason that Balth and Joko are loved. Joko more than Balth. Is because in GW1 there is lore relating to him to make him feel like he serves a purpose. He's not just a faceless villain that shows up like Scarlet did with zero context. Imagine if we got all that backstory for scarlet in a Novel. Her how life story leading up to LWS1. Even if a lot of people don't read the books enough of us talk about them in game or on youtube/twitch to help hype up the story for the rest of the players. I feel like there's a huge missed opportunity here for ANET. These books could be simple stories that are 200-300 pages long just giving us more story. Like how cool would it be if we had a novel about whats happening in Cantha, or the Blood/Flame Legion homelands. Imagine we had a book in the form of a journal written by a Whispers agent about the foreign continent that Guild Wars Utopia was suppose to take place. I believe it was supposed to be based on the Aztecs? How cool would that be. I believe this would give them a lot of room to flesh out their universe.

    TLDR; I wish ANET would make more books to expand the GW universe.

  • @Arden.7480 said:
    Ree Soesbee left ANet ( :( ) so she was the last person who might have written a new novel, and now she's gone, I doubt there will be any other GW2 novel. :(

    Well, there's always freelance writing, so Anet could commission her to write a novel.

    Anyway, I'd like to see a new novel. The world of Tyria is large enough for several more, as most of it has not yet been accessible even in the times of Guild Wars. I just had a closer look at the Portal Device's globe back in our guild hall. You can see Orr, Lion's Arch north of it, a vast continent to the east, a bit of land to the west of Maguuma, north of Kryta, Cantha and the isles on the unending Ocean. A planet waiting to be explored.
    Even if there is a new novel in the known parts of the world, that would be most welcome. There is so much stuff we still have no clue about.

  • Even if it would be like short stories, or 300 pages per book. I would definitely buy all the books, because personally I am super interested and loving GW1/2 lore. It feels so deep and even that it could be explored even deeper. Personally I always love those small interactions with npcs or items that show more race/character/culture depth.
    Maybe they could make a seperate merchandise/book team at Arenanet. Though I can imagine that is easier said than done.

    If they ever ask us to fill in another poll again about what kind of merchandise we want to see again. I am definitely adding books to my list ^_^.

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