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Silent Characters on mounts

It might not be a bug what I discorvered, but maybe something that has been forgotten to add? I can't imagine this is supposed to be like that.

First of all, let us think back to the time before we had mounts for a second. We traveled through the land and when we explored new parts of the map, our character might have said something like "I can't wait to explore this place" (excuse me if that's not the correct one, I play my game in a different language than english, but I think you will get what I mean! xD) and so on.

Now that we have mounts, and are going to explore new areas (or even core tyria) with them, I've noticed my Character is pretty silent now. That's because all the "exploring-sentences" as I call them, are gone/not triggered anymore while being on a mount.
Same btw if I target something or someone while sitting on a mount. The Character is not shouting anything. (Well I don't hear it myself anyway but the friend that I am targeting it for doesn't hear it either) Ok, this might be not thaaaaat important in PvE but still, it is not working.
It might be the same for opening bags on a mount - Actually I haven't figured this out yet.

I've asked my friend to get sure if this is a problem with my game or not, but he could agree with me that his characters aren't saying anything on a mount either while entering new areas.

It might be usefull to know:
You can hear your character speaking their dialog in story quests while sitting on a mount.

For me, my characters seem a bit less "alive" if they are just super silent like that while traveling. Sometimes I even dismount before I light up a new area just to get a chance to trigger one of those good old sentences that my character is excited to see the new parts he just discovered.

I would be very glad if that could be changed again, please ;u; And thanks!

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