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Holo build for HoT story and beyond?

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So my engi is fixing to hit 80 and trying to figure out which build would work best for open world. So far have two in mind. First one uses Inventions: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQJAsenUUB1IjlIDWIDcJjlBD7LAseeP97wi4RM8AUYCMA-jxBEABtpHQLlfps/AAnAgEeAA2r+jgKBJEgoxA-e and the second uses tools: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQJAsenUUB1IjlIDWIDcJjlBDrfHWEPijLoHUM4LAseePA-jxBEABtpHIhHAQK7PIoSQtU+Zv6PAcCAIEgoxA-e

Both will use those traits that do damage when I dodge. I figure if I gotta dodge to stay alive might as well do some damage too. Only Ascended pieces I have now are Berserker Sword and Shield and then the 6x Celestial Trinkets I stole off my Ele. I dont really PvE much so those trinkets are my only option. Im broke so no crafting Ascended Armor. Would either of those builds work? I thought about using the WvW roaming build here: http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Holosmith_-_Holorifle but I dont think I really need Alchemy AND Tools for PvE.


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    Just run Snow Crows build for raids. It works really well in open world and you can tweak it a bit to suit what you are doing...i.e. healing turret for group stuff.
    Also, the holo-rifle build is great for roaming!

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    This should do it if you value surviving a little. Tools is here for the extra comfort, Tool Kit grants a variety of nice things including a blocking skill on a short cooldown. Whether you use Explosives or Firearms is up to you, I don't think Modified Ammunition has much value when soloing but the line brings an immense amount of crit chance at the expense of raw damage. Rifle is nice for kiting purposes. Sigil of Energy (Activating Photon Forge counts as weapon swap) combined with Adrenal Implant and some Vigor will get you to dodge for days.

    I value the runes of the Ogre not only for the damage but also for the rock dog that somehow draws a ton of aggro.

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