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WoD takes longer to invoke than it should

On the skill it says that the WoD should take 1 1/4 seconds to invoke... but from what I can see it takes between 2 and 3 seconds. It is supposed to take this long and you just forgot to change the skill tip? Or it is supposed to be 1.25 seconds and the programming is just a little messed up?

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    Just to clarify: It is 1 1/2 not 1 1/4 activation time, per the skill

    To be blunt, you are perceiving it taking longer when in actuality it is right on the dot per tooltip and behavior in game.

    On a stopwatch, it is 2 seconds if you count the entire animation, from the moment you press the button until you stop spinning and bubble fully appears. This is not the only skill to behave this way. HOWEVER, if you were to hit dodge or another skill at the moment 1.5s happens, which is also when the activation bar fully fills, the skill is still cast, it is not interrupted. You are not animation locked for 2-3 seconds, the skill does not take 2-3 seconds to activate. So move and do whatever as soon as the bubble starts appearing, you have it cast at that point.

  • oops yes 1.5 seconds... must have had my eyes crossed.. it still takes 2 seconds yes... I actually don't "know" whether or not the effect of it is engaged before the bubble appears or not... splitting hairs though I guess.. :P

    Just another WvW lifer who'll never say die... while dying again and again!

  • It really is just 1 1/2 for the actual activation, but it appears that there is an aftercast animation that takes an additional about 1/2 second. Unlike some aftercast animations, you aren't locked into it and are free to do anything else. As soon as the activation bar is filled, when the bubble begins appearing, it's fully cast and even if your character dropped dead at 1.51 seconds on the server, the skill still activates. If there are times where it is taking longer, you may be under the slow condition, or have a severe latency/lag situation (or the server is just being mean, because there have been some odd behaviors at times)

  • Thanks for the response and info! Much appreciated.

    Just another WvW lifer who'll never say die... while dying again and again!

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