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[EU] Easy going PVP player LFG

As a mature player who still likes bashing his keyboard in pvp matches, I am looking for a team/ group of people / friends / guild to spend some time together, in the mist, trying to climb the ladder as far as our skill level allows.

Although I am not a youngster anymore and my time available for the game is limited, I am still quite competitive. Yet, I do not like rude and impolite people that freak out when they see mistakes, especially considering it is a video game. I am far from being perfect, but I like things done in the right way, so to say. A relaxed and friendly environment is preferred.

What I can offer is a focused attitude without being a “pro player”. However, I am a seasoned player for I started Gw2 at launch.

Server EU +1 CEST
Main: Mesmer/Mirage
Alts: Necro and Guard (but just if I have to...)
Availability: one, sometime 2 evenings a week. Eventually 1 afternoon in the weekend, but not granted. My availability may improve when I travel for work, 1 week a month.
Preferred game type: PVP 70% PVE 30%
Skill level Gold 3 – Plat 1-2
Voice Chat: yes, but no mic due to family issues unless I am traveling, then I can talk all night long :-D

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