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mainhand/offhand weapon revamp

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@InsaneQR.7412 said:

@Kiroshima.8497 said:
Attack speed modifiers usually only take the highest, which is pretty much always Quickness.

Dual Wielding should just add new Dual Skills like thief and weaver, and using Dual Skills grants quickness.

Well this would give so much more skills it would be kinda bunkers even as a GM.

But dualskills for warr should have been there from the start. Atleast when you are using 2 mainhands.

The above post gave me some ideas on some reworks we could do to warrior and change, we'd mainly be changing the main hand 3rd skill slot. I don't think it's even close to what InsaneQR was talking about, the post just gave me the below ideas of things we could do for warrior (we could probably do it for all professions to help promote more build diversity, but as I'm a main warrior I don't know enough about the other professions to have a decent enough input). These are just some thoughts I had. I think they could be fun and make warrior more interesting and it would open us up to more build diversity. Also yes I know I'm stealing from the thief dual skills. We're supposed to be a master of weapons I think this would make us more of a master of weapons.

Shield offhand:
Shield is a tanking weapon so when you have a shield you'd be doing more tanking/blocking.

  • Sword mh - take sword 5 and make it sword 3 here
  • Mace mh - mace 3 switched with 2 but make it daze to bring it in line with the the new placement of riptose (probably have to change pommel bash if this now does daze)
  • Axe mh - agonizing chop block the next attack and counter attack weakening them
  • Dagger mh - banishing strike block the next attack and counter attack removing a boon

Warhorn offhand
Warhorn is supposed to be a support weapon (it needs a rework itself) so the mainhand weapons should reflect that (going to be borrowing allot of paragon skills because its more support based).

  • Sword mh - Lead the way allies that attack the same foes as you gain super speed
  • Mace mh - Can't touch this allies that attack the same foes as you gain protection
  • Axe mh - Go for the eyes allies that attack the same foes as you gain fury
  • Dagger mh - Make your time allies that attack the same foes as you gain alacrity

Torch offhand
Torch is a condition based weapon so this should be reflected on the mainhand weapons.

  • Sword mh - Dragon slash your sword attack also sets your foe on fire
  • Mace mh - Belly smash attack your foe giving them weakness and vulnerability
  • Axe mh - Axe rake attack your foe cripling and bleeding them

Sword offhand
Sword is more of a duelist condition hybrid weapon.

  • Sword mh - barbarous slice attack that poisons
    Sword 5 (since I stole this up to sword 3 on shield) - seeking blade unblockable sword attack that deals bleeding

  • Mace mh - Irresistable blow taunt your foe and counter attack their next attack

  • Axe mh - Penetrating chop attack your foe causing vulnerability
  • Dagger mh - Exausting assault your attack causes weakness and slow

Mace offhand
Mace is more of a CC damaged based weapon.

  • Sword mh - knee cutter attack your foe and criple them if they were moving they're knocked down
  • Mace mh - staggering blow attack your foe knocking them back
  • Axe mh - disrupting chop attack your foe dazing them
  • Dagger mh - trampling ox attack your foe leap to your foe knocking them down and knocking anyone in your way down

Axe offhand
Axe is purely a damaged based weapon.

  • Sword mh - final thrust can be here
  • Mace mh - overbearing smash attack your foe causing knock down (3 targets)
  • Axe mh - leave as the throw axe
  • Dagger mh - dancing daggers attack your foe and then do an evasive attack around them and attack them from behind (think serpent strike on ranger)

Dagger offhand
Dagger is more of a boon hate, fast paced, power based weapon.

  • Sword mh - pure strike attack your foe dealing more damage if they have no boons
  • Mace mh - magehunters smash attack your foe causing knock down unblockable if they have boons
  • Axe mh - magehunters strike attack your foe removing a boon cause more damage if a boon was removed
  • Dagger mh - leave as is