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Can you change it so we can drag chat tabs?

This is a minor issue, but it's annoying that we can't just rearrange the location of the chat tabs by dragging them. Instead I have to rename each tab manually. I like to have a separate tab for each guild and for some reason they get out of order sometimes if I join a new guild and add another chat tab and I can't just drag them around.


  • Nidome.1365Nidome.1365 Member ✭✭✭

    I'd like to be able to copy text from chat tabs.

  • anet is never going to do to this at all due to the problem called spaghetti code and anet can not fix it .
    the only way to even fix it is a new game

  • I suspect that very few players change their chat tabs in any way more than 1-2x/year. So whatever effort this might be... might be moot, because there's almost certain some other QoL change of equal effort that would be used by more.

    @Nidome.1365 said:
    I'd like to be able to copy text from chat tabs.

    That's definitely something that lots of people would use. You can sort of do it for your own text:

    • Open the chat field (e.g. press or whatever key you normally use) or use the mouse
    • Press the up arrow ↑ and down arrow ↓ to move up and down your previous typed comments.
    • You can use select and copy or cut.
    • Profit?

    Obviously this doesn't work for anything else that might be 'printed' there.

    GW1 didn't have this feature either and, in developing GW2, they clearly looked at ways to make chat more useful/easier-to-use. So I'm positive they considered enabling copy/paste. I've never seen them comment about why they chose not to.

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