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Mesmer Mantra Complete Redesign

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Mesmer Mantra Redesign: For a game in which the emphasis that's based on the more dangerous the attack, the bigger telegraph it should have, mantras in general are the biggest offenders. So I came up with an idea that incorporated mantras that combined them with your phantasms. So in order for this idea to work you would have to change mantras to do the following.

  • Mantras no longer have a activation time "I'll explain why"
  • Mantas can still be cast at any time
  • Mantras still have a count recharge and a maximum count

So say if you hit mantra of distraction for example, your next successful phantasm cast will inherit the effects of the mantra used, so say if you then cast a phantasmal mage, if it connects it will daze the target for 1 3/4 seconds. "1 1/4 from the mantra and 1/2 second from the phantasmal mage". Also the reason why I suggested that mantras no longer have a activation time is because instead of having a activation time for charging your mantra its now solely based on whether or not you can cast your phantasm without it being interrupted, in which lies the counter play. Also the reason why I suggested that mantras can be cast at any time is because even if you pop your mantra, it means nothing until you've successfully cast your next phantasm, so you're pretty much buffing your next phantasm in which you plan to cast. And the rest of the mantras incorporate the same principle.

  • Mantra of Resolve: Pop it, upon successfully casting your next phantasm mantra of resolve will cure 3 conditions from you an nearby allies. Upon using the final charge it will clear 13 conditions. "the same effect as the activation is now, except pretty much in reverse order"

  • Mantra of Concentration: This one has to behave a bit differently. So you would pop the mantra, and now simply pressing your next phantasm breaks stun and grants stability to you and nearby allies. Upon using the final charge you'll get aegis, 1 stack of stability, and quickness. "exactly what the mantra gave you for charging or activating the skill before"

  • Mantra of Pain: Pop it, upon successfully casting your next phantasm mantra of pain will simply add the damage to your next phantasms attack. Upon using the final charge you will gain 12 might. Also this mantras cooldown would have to be increased based off these new changes to prevent it from being broken, say 10 second cooldown with the same count recharge and maximum count of 2.

  • Mantra of Recovery: pop it, upon successfully casting your next phantasm mantra of recovery will heal you. Upon using the final charge mantra of recovery will obviously heal you, it still has the same count recharge and maximum count of 2. I'd imagine the healing on this trait would have to be buffed to incorporate this change simple because I'd imagine using both of your phantasms would be on a longer cd than mantra of recovery itself.

Also other skills would have to be adjusted in your talent tree to incorporate with these changes.

  • Restorative Mantras : Heals allies around you whenever you successfully cast a phantasm. "obviously change the name to Restorative Phantasms"

Also for the sake of counterplay when you pop a mantra, it should pop up on your action bar so your opponent can act accordingly of what's coming. So not only are you giving mantras counterplay with these changes, but it also solves the problem of untelegraphed cc as well, it's win win honestly. Let me know what you think, personally I'd be excited to play mantras if an idea like this we're implemented.

Thanks for reading



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    While I'm not sure what should be done, this does sound a lot better than what mantras currently are. People have complained about mantras for years and as a result they got buffed so many times. It should be relatively easy to see that the design doesn't lend itself well to a PvP environment. The slow charge time feels bad for the Mesmer and the instant effect feels bad to the opponent.

    // Yanim

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    edited February 23, 2018

    We can then make mantra of recovery the only heal in the game where being blinded will do nothing at all for you. At least when an ele misses with arcane brilliance they still get some health!

    Put simply this is bad suggestion as it offloads 2 effects onto 1 skill which means the ease of deniability is increased substantially, blinding/invuln a phantasm spawn negates the effect of both the mantra and the phantasm, dodging the shield on chrono = no mantra effect and no phantasm. Mantras aren't perfect but only mantra of distraction is causing problems with CS, possibly mantra of pain but mantra implementation is currently a lot better than this suggestion.

    Edit: For those that don't know, most phantasms have a 1s cast time, the only exception is GS which is back to it's 0.75s.

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