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Questions about Concentration & Expertise

Concentration increases the duration of Boons & Expertise increases the duration of Conditions, fair enough, but I have a few questions involving these two newer stats and their interactions in the game. I feel this is all common knowledge among the high end theory crafters but the information is either lacking or buried on the wiki & forums.
1. Does Expertise affect the duration of non damaging "soft Controll" conditions? (Slow, Weakness, Fear, etc)
2. Does Expertise affect the duration of Grey control effects? (Daze, Launch, Knockback, etc)
3. Does either Expertise or Condi Damage increase Breakbar damage for any Effectl?
4. When transforming boons to conditions or vice versa, Do the duration changes or power increase transfer? Are any new ones applied after the transfer?
5. When sharing Boons or Conditions among players which players stats get used? A how do they stack if the target already has said Boon/Condi?
6. Do any stats affect the damage or duration of combo fields or combo finishers?


    1. Every condition on this page is effected by expertise:
    2. No. They are control effects, not conditions.
    3. Expertise effects the damage of the conditions list here:
    4. Not sure about this one.
    5. Depends on the skill. Look up such skills on the wiki to find out more about this. This page will answer the second part of this question:
    6. This page will answer this question:
      Not as buried as you made it seem. If you have any more questions, let me know and I'll try to help.

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    1. Yes. If it's a Condition, Expertise increases its duration.
    2. No. These are not conditions. Fear and Taunt are weird conditions that can also be removed via stunbreak.
    3. Expertise kinda does. CC conditions, both soft (weakness, blind, cripple, chill, immobilize) and hard (fear and taunt) work as DoT on breakbars. Expertise won't make a breakbar go down any faster, but it does mean that the conditions will eventually deal more damage to it.
    4. When converting boons->conditions, the corrupter's Expertise is applied to a set duration condition off of a table (or for Punishment skills and "Nothing Can Save You," a set duration from the skill itself). Likewise, when converting a condition-> boon, the converter's Conentration is applied to a set duration boon off of a table. There is one table for both kinds of conversions that all skills use unless it specifically says otherwise. Transferring conditions and copying them with Epidemic does not involve the Expertise stat at all, as it copies or moves the remaining duration of a condition. Likewise, Heat Sync does not involve Concentration at all, simply copying remaining duration. Signet of Inspiration and "We Heal As One" don't really copy boons on you, rather gives allies a set based on the boons you had on you at the time and do get increased with Concentration.
    5. Whoever used the skill that applies the boons or conditions has their stats modifying it. Remember, copies and transfers are different than applications.
    6. Yes. Exactly which stat depends on the combo made, but Expertise will increase the duration of Burning stacks from a whirl finisher in a Fire Field and Condition Damage will improve the damage of those same stacks. This is dependent on the person performing the Finisher, not the one providing the field.

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    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Yes indirectly, since longer durations = longer soft cc
    4. I believe so? didnt really understand the 2nd question tho
    5. As far as i know, its always the source's duration. If you make me bleed and i tranfer it to you it will use the same duration that you applied, same with boons. Each stack of any boon/condition works independently, i believe if you share 25 might with someone that already has max might stacks, it'll just be wasted (no duration increase or stacks).
    6. Nope.

    Bear in mind that my answers aren't 100% reliable tho, most of it is based off of what i've experienced in the game/read in the forums/wiki. You may receive a better explanation from someone else later (in the 4th and 5th questions, which are the ones im most unsure).

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    1. When sharing Boons or Conditions among players which players stats get used? ....

    Assuming you're asking something along the line - If you share a Boon with a friend, whose concentration will be accounted for (person sharing/receiving)? I don't think it will matter since it copies/follow the remaining duration.

    1. .... . A how do they stack if the target already has said Boon/Condi?

    How boon/condi stacks? Assuming you noticed some have numbers stacking (Bleeding) is accumulative. While some like Cripple which doesn't but extends the duration when reapplied.

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