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How to mark a computer as trusted ?


How do I mark a computer as trusted ? I tried looking for the option under security settings but have been unable to find it. I currently have my account secured by the SMS validation.

Trusting Computers
You can choose to mark a computer as Trusted, in which case you won’t be prompted to enter a code when you sign in from that computer. If you choose not to trust a computer, you will have to enter a code every time you sign in.


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    I believe it's done via networks and not computers, unless the computers feature is new. If it is, you'd maybe have to unlink your account from any existing authentication you may already have and maybe try again? That's at least what the description for un-linking suggests it's used for as far as switching schemes goes.

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  • It's a bit of a typo. It's talking about 'remembering IP addresses'. So, it won't send authentication requests for those particular addresses.

    Good luck.

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