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Fastest Black Lion gathering tools?

Anyone know which tools are the fastest? I know for awhile there was one sickle that was faster than all the others, but then they introduced tools that could gather 4 times in one animation, so... anyone know which pieces do the job fastest at this point in time?


  • Are the tools faster than others or does it depend on the node itself how much is gathered per swing?
    I believe lumber is gathered at 3-swings per button push, veggies are one each, I don't remember what the metal ratio is.

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    The unbound sickle does 3 gathers in one animation and is fastest for gathering "multi-hit" nodes like guild hall. Consortium is pretty fast for single use plants. The spinny barrel golem one and harvesting minion also gather about halfway through the animation and feel fairly fast.

    The unbound logging/mining ones do 4 gathers in one animation so I believe the pick is the fastest for rich metal nodes. I still use the watchwork pick though.

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    The Hero-tron gathering tools are pretty fast . . . if mouthy.

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