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Two Mac clients with one working...

Dear Arenanet,

just one thing I would like to know: You published this new Mac 64bit client a while ago, and it uses the packages from our old Mac beta client (32bit) for updates and patches. Now with the coming addon you stated that the old client won't work any longer. I don't want to comment the pros and cons here, but: Is there a plan to migrate the downloaded packages from the old client to the new client to let us remove the old non working client without the need to download tons of gigabytes again?

Yours Galmac

Praise Joko!



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    I'm not sure how this works on the Mac, but I would assume that similarly to the PC version, the data files are interchangeable, its only the client itself that runs 32 or 64 bit. You SHOULDN'T have to download the game again if you save the data files you already have and replace it inside the updated client.

    In windows its a .DAT file, I just copied and pasted it into the new folder and thats it. I know when it comes to Mac Apps, they come packaged in a single "package" which in itself is the launcher. If you right click it though, you'll see an option that says "Show Package Contents". Do a little digging there and try to find the core data files (no idea what the name or extension is in Mac), save those and replace them in the same place once you install the new client.

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    Here's a Dev post that may be of interest:

    If you have the 32-bit client already installed (in Applications) the data is shared there, otherwise (by default) it is stored within the 64-bit app.

    The execute client, whether 32-bit or 64-bit is quite small. It's the data file that is large.

    Good luck.

  • Galmac.4680Galmac.4680 Member ✭✭✭

    I have both clients (as may of us Mac users I guess) but I'll try to move the package contents this weekend.

    Praise Joko!

  • @Galmac.4680 said:
    I have both clients (as may of us Mac users I guess) but I'll try to move the package contents this weekend.

    If you intend to remove the 32-bit client, you should only need to move the dat file before removing the old client.
    By default the 32-bit client's dat is located here: /Applications/Guild Wars, while the 64-bit's is located here: /Applications/Guild Wars 2