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Druid build and gear for HoT story?

Dabrixmgp.4758Dabrixmgp.4758 Member ✭✭
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Ranger was my final profession to get to 80 so dont know anything about playing her. I unlocked Druid first cause figured it would make HoT story a lot easier. Juts looking for a decent build to use. I will be using full Celestial Ascended Trinkets that I moved over from my Ele and guess I will craft a set of Marauder so I can do a little damage. Or should I go Minstel and be unkillable? Just need a good build that will make me unkillable. Also need suggestion for Runes and Sigils to use. I plan on running Staff and Longbow. Or maybe Sword/Warhorn and Staff if thats a little better.


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