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How much dps do you do on the golem?

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I've never been able to break 40k, even with food, and usually it's 35k-37k without food. I don't have infusions but that can't be making a big difference.

Especially on the first 20%, the benchmark videos reach 65k, but I can barely approach 50k. I know my rotation isn't perfect, but surely I know exactly what to do for the first 15 or so seconds. Yet even in the first 20% I'm seeing a large (in fact, larger) difference.

Now, I saw Mela (from SC) doing coaching, and the guy being coached did 36k on the golem, with food. See the first 2:50 - 4:40 of this video:

Mela seems to think it's perfectly fine, doesn't comment on anything in the rotation other than the placement of conjures, and indeed later on we see the guy pulling perfectly respectable dps in real fights.

So is this 36k actually pretty normal? Or do I have to practice harder until I can get the 45 - 46k?


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    36k on the golem is ok, especially without food. You have room to improve, but I personally would say at this point you'd benefit more from playing in actual fights, which often require custom-tailored modifications to your rotation to maximize efficiency. Like, know when to hold off your big skills because the boss is going to phase/invuln, or you're going to get interrupted, etc. That being said, if you want to hone your skills further on the golem, that's ok too.

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    36 is fine, i get around 40 without food and i played ele for 5k + hours, the difference isnt that much and wont effect your performance in raids if you can execute your rotation while doing mechanics.

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