[POOF] Map exploration Train (NA): Wayfarer Foothills 3/2/18 @ 8:30PM PST — Guild Wars 2 Forums
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[POOF] Map exploration Train (NA): Wayfarer Foothills 3/2/18 @ 8:30PM PST

Hey all!

We had a lot of fun learning last week about what does and does not work for a map completion event, and we're changing gears ever so slightly! We're moving forward with map exploration events where we'll unlock all Waypoints, most POIs, Vistas and HPs, along with any mini dungeon or jumping puzzle achievements in that map!

Unfortunately due to the massive time commitment, we won't be able to focus on getting hearts, and probably wont focus on small local events, so it's something you can work on between the weekly train! :D

Like always, we encourage fresh, brand new players to not be afraid to join us and would love to have people join our event discord at https://discord.gg/TuDYPwN for updates on future community events! (Along with hanging out in VOIP during said events)

Vets are welcome too if you're trying to find an excuse to work on mapping, along with ideas of map achievements that I forget about!

See you tomorrow! :D