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The Good Old 1v1 in WvW



  • @TheQuickFox.3826 said:
    I am a bit annoyed when players are 'dueling' near Stonemist Castle, leaving the SM waypoint contested or 'dueling' on a dolyak route and killing the dollies on the way.

    And then start complaining when I start shooting Stonemist's cannons at them. Go duel somewhere out-of -the-way or go to one of the 1v1 PvP servers.

    I agree, and I can only speak for myself- I like it to have small or even large scale skirmishes or 1v1 on the home boarder between bay/SW tower or around the SE tower. As long as the waypoint in hills or bay stays uncontested. I don't like it to have to run back across the map while the opponents have their spwan right next to them.

    For me it's a simple "if you want to have fights don't touch our shinies- erm waypoints" situation. Everyone having the same short way to join back in the fight is a winwin(win) and should be a tacit agreement (not sure if this is the right term, I'm no nativ speaker) for "friendly" fights.

    Yes, it's WvW, and Red=dead, but for me showing respect is still a thing, and there is no place for corpse jumping and acting like a fool after defending someone.

  • Meh its SOS. They even portal bomb 5 people. Like all 30+ of them. Rip

    Guild wars 3 when?

  • Zavve.8205Zavve.8205 Member ✭✭

    Hey, if anyone sees me caught in a 1v1, PLEASE HELP ME! lol
    So many times my allies are running by a fight when I am getting whooped and can't type for help XD

  • EDDIE WRECKER.1375EDDIE WRECKER.1375 Member ✭✭
    edited March 11, 2018

    I always attack the 1v1ers regardless, they cry that they are 1v1ing but they tap keeps, kill sentries and kill roamers and effect the game in other ways. You are in the game and effecting the game so I will kill you. I also get sick of the salty after tells when ive have taken a camp with a small party 3vx and who ever we kill send a tell saying 1v1 me bro, as if it would prove something. Its just plain lame. I normally say ok bro meet me at the windmill and then say in map chat there is a guy at the windwill that thinks you are all a bunch of goat rubbing pansies lol Or even better just continue taking camps and castles while they waste thier time standing next to a windmill lol

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