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Is the LW 4 Ep 2 boss bugged or just poor design?

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Fighting the LW 4 Ep 2 Mark II Beta Exterminator Golem is just annoying and not fun. The golem totally ignores all my clones, targeting me constantly, this removes one of the mesmer's main defences in PVE, i.e. deception. Is this a bug or just bad design?



  • Belishine.7493Belishine.7493 Member ✭✭✭

    are you talking about the boss in the charr camp or the one at the end of the story i know the one in the charr camp you neeed to kill the adds he summons to then use the new skill to get the thing out to fight the real boss its easy as for the end of story one im gessing its the same way

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    I suppose you should do the story content on a MM Power Reaper, we're OP when it comes to Open World and Story Bosses.

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    Have mesmer clones ever been a good defense in PvE? I remember most mobs just targeting the player, though it's been a while since I last did some noteworthy solo PvE stuff on my mesmer. Maybe I should try out that shiny mirage stuff. Anyway, having played the story with my guard, I don't remember any golem being particularly noteworthy. The fat one in the charr camp didn't do anything exciting and died rather quickly. Was there another one?

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    Don't solo bosses if you don't enjoy it, would be my suggestion.

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    Okay I go the golem down to where he went into overload and then couldn't damage him anymore. I pick up the ley energy and zap him, but nothing happens. Bug or is there a different technique at the end. This is the boss in the charr camp. I tried regular damage this didn't work. I tried killing all the generators and still couldn't damage him or shock him with the ley energy. The ley energy bar stays at four at this point. Got to be a bug.

    Edit: Not a bug, just a lot of hit points.

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    This boss is a shame. No one did beta testing on the content? So much wasted time. Just wanna see the new map. Frustration. Maybe like most of the players.

  • The boss at charr camp sure is bugged. Me and my friend killed it for 10 minutes(that's a lot!) and special skill did nothing to him.

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    Bye bye new content. Too much time to get to the new map. Try to go to the new map. After playing LS 2 hours... and no progress at boss its more fun playing TESO.

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    Must agree. From the little bit I've seen and played, it isn't fun. Very frustrating. And honestly? Other games are tempting me instead. Still, thanks for all the warnings. At this point, I'm going to wait and see other players' reactions as well as ANet's response.

    But so far? I find responses like these very telling indeed.

    Edit: Just finished the boss. Yeah . . . that was no walk in the park solo. Easily one of the most frustrating fights I've ever encountered.

  • This is one of the most annoying fights in a long time. The pathways in the charr village are poorly laid out. The attacks you can not find your party half of the time due to the crappy mobs that are being thrown at you. Not to mention lack of what is going on in the story half the time. The golem you fight in the charr village is harder than heck to lock down and damage, every time you get ready to attack the little golems target you so yo have to time to damage the big golem. This is not one of Anets nest stories by far. Mob fighting is not fun. And bad mechanics are even worse. Sorry this one is a will play but not over and over and over like the the the previous on. Beginning battle is to confusing and way to linear.

  • Man, this one boss took me almost an hour. I thought I was going to have to quit and start it all over again. Not fun. Tedious.

  • Ohoni.6057Ohoni.6057 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It was a pretty annoying fight. It took me a little while to figure out the mechanics, but basically he has X stacks of a defensive shield (3? 4?). You kill the adds, pick up the thing they drop (you can stack them), shoot the boss, each time removing one of his stacks, and when they hit zero his heart comes out, beat that up for a bit, repeat. The things that annoyed me were
    1. how tanky everything is, meaning even once you learn the mechanics it can take a lot of flailing,
    2. how "all the floor is lava" everything is, making it pretty much impossible to stand still and making melee a huge pain to even attempt
    3. those purple fireballs he lobs. I'm not sure how you're meant to avoid those. They have "telegraphs" to them, but those only appear when they are already doing damage, so even with a Daredevil whipping all over the place, it was just pure luck whether those attacks would hit me or not. Is there some trick to avoiding those things?

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    @Witch of Doom.5739 said:
    Man, this one boss took me almost an hour. I thought I was going to have to quit and start it all over again. Not fun. Tedious.

    After (finally) completing it, I had a looked at the achievements and saw the defeat the Golem in under 3 minute one - PMSL

  • Got it killed first time with condi engi... but less than 3 minutes? i think i had it hovering around 55% at the 3 minute mark. Killing the 4 power bots for the energy takes too much time with how spread out they are whilst avoiding the purple attacks. Think it was around 8 mins or so to kill, seems overly tanky unless there is some special trick other than epidemic from a necro to killing the adds quickly enough.

  • Elothar.4382Elothar.4382 Member ✭✭✭

    Am usually pretty enthusiastic about the stories. This one....did some of it...enough to get me to the new map but think I'll pass on the rest.

  • Lexi.1398Lexi.1398 Member ✭✭✭

    While it was a pretty boring fight - especially because none of my characters are equipped for more than 8k dps (shameful, i know) especially not the one i do all stories on - its mechanics are simple.

    Fight the small bots its spawns for ley energy, collect until 4 stack (note the grey shield icon on boss = magnetic shield, itll always have 4 stacks at the start of each round so thats how much ley enegry you need), go to golem and spam special action key until the unstable power core pops out, dps the hay out of it, rinse and repeat until it gets to what, 30%? health, then you don't need to collect ley energy more and just murder murder until its dead.

  • Adds nothing to the story.

    Are we doing Raid bosses in the story now with auto Rez ?

    What is the purpose of dying over and over and over, and then rezing over and over an over ?

    I would really like to know exactly what the programmers had in mind here ?

    Maybe we are missing something ....

  • eldrjth.7384eldrjth.7384 Member ✭✭✭

    Apart from the boss fight I thought the lead up was too mechanic heavy rather than simply focusing on combat. It seems like that for most of the new content is going that way. Why bother building your character up and picking certain skills etc when every new encounter attempts to circumvent it some way and instead of using brute force you instead work around game mechanics. In this case it was the stealth activation parts at the beginning which were super annoying.

  • FrizzFreston.5290FrizzFreston.5290 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    I thought it was fine, then again I'm not too obsessed with having a new map and more with the story. I was more interested in the charr tribe, waiting until Braham and Rox got to certain points in the village and just enjoying the experience. The Asura Lab with stealth mechanics was really sneaky, though it might be just that much easier with a second person there. And the boss was literally down in a little longer than 3 minutes first try. shrug

    Personally I really loved the storysteps. I don't care if it's a bit longer if the story is fun. But I tend to figure out stuff really quickly, even with boss fights.

    If I would change anything is to place those green sword icons on the adds during the boss fight, so that it's clear that those are the ones giving volatile energy bomb whatever they where. I wasn't sure at first either, but I saw there was a shield, figured I had to get more SOMEWHERE, which just automatically lead me to frantically killing any side-mobs. CC and such I barely had to deal with as I ,well, just ran out of the circles and squares and I dunno whats, as long as this shape isn't right over my character, you know. I don't wanna die, so I gotta keep moving, and I always bring something that breaks a bar, I hate it when I don't have a stunbreaker or stability, because it literally ruins alot of the encounters if you don't. So I guess I do come prepared.

  • People had trouble with this boss? I thought it was pretty easy, in fact I got the under 3 min achievement on the first try. the one mechanic that the boss had was introduced way before you even fight him, so other than that if felt like I was fight another slightly tougher NPC.

    The design for the boss looked awesome by the way, good work Anet!

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    In my opinion this boss was much harder then both Balthazar and Scruffy 2.0, his energy balls or whatever is the name of that are way to spammy and leave little window to dodge and also hit like a truck, doing 8K damage on my warrior...gotta be honest here, if it wanst for the auto rez I probably would be stuck on this boss for a while, Anet is trying to put some Dark Souls level stuff on the game or something lol(I did played Dark Souls 1 and 2 on NG+7, and honestly, Dark Souls wasnt so annoying as this)

  • DeadTreeJig.6714DeadTreeJig.6714 Member ✭✭✭

    What a tedious, uninspiring, complete waste of my time boss fight.

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    Took me a few min. to get the mechanics and that you have stand right on the boss to avoid 90% of the dmg, then it was pretty simple. spellbreaker ftw

  • DarcShriek.5829DarcShriek.5829 Member ✭✭✭
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    I think the fight is bugged. The ley line energy quit working for me. It didn't even register that I was using it. hen I had three units and clicked the icon it would then switch to say that I had four units. It looks bugged to me. Oh look, while I was writing this message, the power core popped out. I have no idea why.

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    If we're talking about the boss in the Charr camp, this was my strategy.

    Kill those cubes and pick up the Ley Energy they drop, I found it easier to stock up on energies and keep attacking the golem.
    You'll notice that the golem has a shield icon underneath it, stating 4 stacks of protection.

    In this case, it goes like this:

    Every time you use ley energy, that shield goes down by one. Be aware that it does regenerate, which is why I stocked up on the energies.
    It's a tedious battle, so make sure you go in with fresh eyes. I hope this helps.

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  • @DarcShriek.5829 said:
    I think the fight is bugged. The ley line energy quit working for me. It didn't even register that I was using it. hen I had three units and clicked the icon it would then switch to say that I had four units. It looks bugged to me. Oh look, while I was writing this message, the power core popped out. I have no idea why.

    The exact same thing happened to me. Managed to kill it anyway but... yeah, it was very confusing when the ley energy stopped working and fluctuated between 3 and 4.

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