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[FENX][NA]- fun guild seeking new ADULT members, newbies and veterans



  • Come hit us up and check us out!

  • Bump it up now yall!

  • Hi, my girlfriend and I are interested in your guild. We're looking for that smaller close-knit feel, how large are you guys? And for raids, is your guild strict meta only?

  • Hello @Thundercleric.8912 We have about 300 members, but there is about 20-50 members on in game at any given time, and about 2-10 in discord. As for raids, no we aren't meta. we have 2 seperate days for riads, one is a training day and one is completion.

  • @MerlinsBrother.6057 said:
    Hello @Thundercleric.8912 We have about 300 members, but there is about 20-50 members on in game at any given time, and about 2-10 in discord. As for raids, no we aren't meta. we have 2 seperate days for riads, one is a training day and one is completion.

    Hi there, this guild seems chill. I've been quite active playing gw2 and i do interested to try Raid. I do run T3&T4 fractal. I want to know what time zone specifically the raid is on? because Im in australia and we are ahead from any other country which really annoying, because if you playing at night time on your time zone probably almost dawn in australia.

  • My friend and I would like to join, what is the process? What server are ya'll on?

  • I would like to join. I am currently on Tarnished Coast though.

  • @shadowgravess.5460 we are on eastern for the us, which would sadly be the night time for you. We do have other aussies though in our guild :)

    @Denebola.4605 the process is simple, it looks like you were already sent an invite!

    @Astorin Stronhammer.6173 its fine you are tc, looks like we already got you!

  • All new people and players welcome! you don't need to be 'the best' at anything. We concentrate on FUN!!

  • I would like to join if possible. I'm a returning player that would like to get back into the game.

  • I would be interested in joining! veteran to the game but new to these forums.

  • Hi there! I've been away from the game for about a few months now due to college exams.. But I'm looking to get back into the game and I would love to join your lovely guild and meet new people! I was hoping if you could send me an invite c;

  • ZNICK.8537ZNICK.8537 Member ✭✭

    I just came back around 3 weeks ago, but played quite a bit back in 2012 and also played GW1... been playing MMO's since UO in 1997. I'm kind of a loner in-game sometimes but like to chat and group from time to time, love sPvP and would love to see if we're a good fit.

  • @ZNICK.8537 and @iambiebs.5267 Welcome to FENX! @Mabuchi.6918 and @tyranny.8153 your invites have been sent, welcome to FENX!

  • Best guild to make friends.
    Universally friendly people.
    My best experience with a guild.
    Proposal: Join and find out for yourself

    Raid training is available to guildies that want to get started on their raid journey.
    Welcome to FENX new members :)

  • Bumpity lol

  • May I receive an invite :)
    If you have requirements, here are my stats

  • Sure can @CerealNumber.9348 ! just give me a moment to sign in :)

  • I'm looking for my first guild in GW2. I've been a solo player for quite some time but I'm looking to expand into some new content. I have a few criteria for a guild. First, it must be an adult guild without drama. I'm not a hardcore gamer but I really enjoy playing this game when I can. Sometimes I can be on for a few hours, sometimes not. I'm looking for a home to participate in some fun things without the hardcore commitment. It seems we might be a match. I'd love an invite if you feel the same. Thanks.

  • Hello @Steven.3654 ! Sounds like we would be a pretty good match. an invite has been sent, hope to see you there! -Fae

  • Hey, I am a returning player, and would like a guild to call home. I have over 10 years MMO experience including GW1. Ive played GW2 on and off since launch and have a few level 80's. My main is a mesmer and i am currently trying to craft ascended pieces for her. I pretty much played solo, but it would be nice to try to be a bit more social.

  • Hiya, i'm a former FENX member but left for a bit (year or two), looking to rejoin now that i'm back into GW2. Can I rejoin?

  • I'm interested in your guild. I've been away for a couple of years and decided to start a new character so I can get back into things. I'm an experienced gamer and am casually getting back into GW2.

  • Hello! If you still have room I'd love to join your guild. Game has been too quiet for me lately.

  • I have sent invites out, welcome to FENX everyone and welcome back RiposareInPace!

  • Hello!
    The recruitment description sounds exactly like what I'm looking for. I'd love to join, if you would have me.

  • Yall sound like a blast. Been too long since I had an active guild to settle in with. I've been around for a long time, but I come and go. Recently came back for PoF. Mostly casual, mostly PvE player. I'd love an invite, if you'd have me.

  • @Strigidae.8540 and @Atohi.6187 your invites are sent!


  • I would like to join :)

  • I would love to join a guild. I've been playing solo for years but never set foot in a dungeon or a fractal or....much of anything other than solo. Never joined a guild in the past. If you don't mind training I would love to be with a friendly guild that doesn't mind lots of questions for training. More than willing to help anyone with anything in open world.

  • @Rachmany.6021 @Broxis.5841 Your invites have been sent. :)

  • Hello, I'm a new player and I'm interested in joining your guild!

  • Hello,

    I'm new to GW2 - playing about 2 months now - and looking to enjoy this awesome game with others. I'd like to join - your guild sounds like somewhere I'd like to live.

  • I'd like to join the guild

  • @MrXz.4068 , @Reviahh.1035 , and @nomahira.7430 i am about to long and will send you the invite if someone hasnt already!

  • Hello! Im a returning player and im interested in joining you! I mostly do fractal and dungeon runs and a little bit o pvp and wvw. If you are still recruiting i would be happy to join you!

  • @Melandor.4865 invite sent :)

  • Good evening! I've been looking for a casual guild where I can learn and get better at the game. The person who got me into the game (my brother) kind of rushed through everything and then left me hanging. I would love it if I could be considered for your guild.

  • new to the game how do you join i can't find a search bar in guild tab

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