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[FENX][NA]- fun guild seeking new ADULT members, newbies and veterans



  • IceCold.3542IceCold.3542 Member ✭✭

    Invite sent :)


  • BUMPITY!!!

  • I would like to give your guild a try!

  • IceCold.3542IceCold.3542 Member ✭✭


    Invite sent. Welcome aboard

  • I am interested in joining!

  • Just purchased the game after trialing the f2p version for a couple weeks. Also, just got a new gaming rig & psyched to start a new character from scratch... going for sylvari necromancer.

    Looking for chill people to level up with & ultimately get into end game. Would definitely like to run a round with you guys. Please send an invite. Thx!

  • @OmnipotentPresence.8174 and @xavisan.4325 , you have pending invites!

  • vermouth.3478vermouth.3478 Member ✭✭

    HI. I'm interested in joining as well. Quite new into this game, only couple weeks. Would be nice to have a nice guild to seek advice and support. I'm lvl 80 sylvari daredevil and lvl 80 human necromancer, but my daredevil is more active now (I like its armor better). Only active when my partner is not playing at the same time. lol. Thanks!

  • Hello! My and a friend were looking for a guild that feels homely and also need help getting into the raid system. We are both relatively experienced pve players but could really use the help of veterans! Please send me an invite as well!

  • Hello, I'd love to join you guys! Please send me an invite, thank you =)

  • I am interested in joining your guild =)

  • I would love to join =)

  • @vermouth.3478 @Axellex.4390 @Bloodjoker.9820 You all have pending invites to fenx, WELCOME!

  • Aladire.9035Aladire.9035 Member ✭✭

    Hello! I was wondering if I could be invited to see the guild. I am mostly interested in guild events and other PvE and plan to get into crafting. I just finally finished the HoT living world and will be starting on the PoF stuff.

    I do tend to have a hectic schedule at work and soon will be working on looking for a new job. If you have any questions for me, please ask. I been away from the game for a long time and so I kind of have no clue what I am doing at the moment.

  • Returned a few weeks ago. Started a thief in 2012 played with friends for awhile and went back to WOW. Came back again with a couple of friends who left and I followed, again. Lead a hardcore, end game guild in Wow for 8 years and my heart (and energy )isn't there any more. Demanding career but still dedicate lots of time to my primary game focus (gw2 currently).

    My characters (from best geared to decent geared). Condi warrior, condi firebrand. Condi soul beast, DE thief, power reaper, condi revenant, holo engi.

    I love farming gold and playing the economy. Love meta events and have comm tag if leading some event farms is ever needed. Outstanding sense of humor and very laid back post wow career.

    Things that I never focused on but want to are: clearing all dungeons, getting into fractals, learning the quirks of gw2 raiding. The above were hard to do without friends in game so finally decided to come out of my shell and embrace a community. My hope is that this guild is a great fit for both of us.

    Look forward to chatting or exploring. Thanks!

  • I realize this post is a couple months old, but I am just getting back into Guild Wars and was never involved in the Guild Life so I'm looking to change that! I would love to join if you will have me!

  • I just returned recently and I'm really enjoying Path of Fire. I would like to join your guild as I am interested in a social guild. I am on most evenings currently baring any on-call or parenting issues.

  • So did you guys disappear? :p

  • IceCold.3542IceCold.3542 Member ✭✭

    @Thefarside.2178 said:
    So did you guys disappear? :p

    Haha, no we didn't. It just happened that the leaders that check this forum happened to all be unavailable for a few days.

    @GeeYouWhy.1739 (GUY, like it!)

    ....invites sent!

  • Hello, I am known as the one and only AnnualSquatch(get it? Annual; one and only........ignore the bad joke) and I have never played this game. I will be starting a character after I post this comment but was hoping to be able to join a guild from the start. I feel why start bad habits and then have to break them when you can hopefully start out with only good habits. If you'd like a shy and very bad jokester in the guild please send an invite. Plus don't forget you might only get to see me this ONE time so don't pass by on the Squatch!

  • Greetings, I am also a returning player. I played GW1 back in the day, and GW2 for about two years and stopped before HoT was released. Just picked up the expansions, creating a new character whenever the game finishes downloading.

    I am a full time student so I don't have too much time to play but I wanted to get back into the game.

    Anyway, hope to see you in game.

  • IceCold.3542IceCold.3542 Member ✭✭

    @Aden Lyter.2341

    invites sent :)

  • Doug.1807Doug.1807 Member

    Also a returning player, also a full-time student, but looking for a new guild to have some fun with. Looks like you guys are fun and would love to join

  • IceCold.3542IceCold.3542 Member ✭✭

    @Doug.1807 , invite sent, welcome!

  • Recently returned after a long hiatus. Currently running through Path of Fire story on my Daredevil (main) - got all but one slot filled with a level 80 class. Never done much guild stuff, dungeons, fractals, etc - would love the opportunity to do these and get to know people who share the same passion for GW2 that I do. I would love to join if you will have me. Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions.

  • IceCold.3542IceCold.3542 Member ✭✭

    BigRamsay.4783 invite sent. Welcome!

  • Hello Recruiters of FENX,

    I've been back playing GW2 again for about 6 weeks after a 5 year hiatus, so I'm still (re)learning. I'm looking for a laid back, but active, group for PVE content. I like doing Fractals (currently T3), Open World bosses and meta events, story (just completed PoF 1st time), guild missions, and may even try raiding (no GW2 experience in that yet, but raided in other games). Please let me know if you have any questions and if I would be a good fit in your guild.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hello, I'm coming back to GW2 after a long time of playing on and off. The reason for me leaving in the first place was because I've never really joined a guild. I was more of a solo player and I missed out on almost all group content. I've never set foot inside a raid and I've done like 1-3 fractals. I started playing since the beta weekend with the head start. So I want to join a guild and play the group content I've missed out on and hope I don't get bored of the game if I'm playing with friends.

  • So you guys seem like a fun guild that actually has active members, normally I haven't joined a guild really because the one I was in never had anyone on (been playing since gw2 came out) and I always ending up going on adventures alone (or with my brother who works too much so only when he can get on.) I have quite a few characters since I wanted to try almost every class, and every race. I like doing meta events, dungeons and group events, haven't done some things like fractals (no idea what is it really). I play on and off during the week and if it is okay to maybe go a few days without being on, then I am your girl.

  • IceCold.3542IceCold.3542 Member ✭✭


    Invites sent. Welcome!

  • I apologize for the delay guys, as IceCold says we all have been out. I myself was in a car wreak last week, and i am still recovering while dealing with insurance companies. I apologize for the delat again, but happy gaming! -Fae

  • I'd like to join as well however; most of my time is going to be eaten up by Theater so during the week I'm not going to be around much, except late at night. However the weekends can be free, it's my first time in a guild so i don't know if that matters much.

  • Good evening! I started playing GW2 at launched and lasted for a year or so. I came back about 3 months ago and have been playing solo since then. I feel like I have done pretty much everything I can do by myself and I thought by finding a new guild might do me well. I play a Ranger (SB) as may main and I also have a few alts. I am a pretty casual player, I usually play for a few hours on most evenings and weekends.

    Your guild seems like it might be a good choice for a new home. If you are still recruiting I would love to join!

  • IceCold.3542IceCold.3542 Member ✭✭


    Invites sent. Welcome!

  • Any chance I could join you guys? I've been away from the game for a while, but missing the magic from being in a guild and playing with people.

  • Ryou.2398Ryou.2398 Member ✭✭✭

    I have played many times in short bursts but I finally got into this game and I am looking for a guild, I have 3 80s one of them boosted, you guys are never on so im leaving a message now and I would love to join thanks!

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  • YsyCho.7291YsyCho.7291 Member
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    I am a return player who finally picked up the interest in the game, especially enjoying the whole story line GW2 has to offer.
    I'm working during day time hours (EST) so typically can only be on for couple hours at night. Nonetheless, I definitely would love to join an active guild that shares the same passion towards this game!


  • Hi there!
    I'm a new player (most definitely had to take advantage of the level 80 boost) looking to meet new friends and take on weekly challenges together. I do believe I may have found my main game in GW2! Looking to grow as a player with you guys! I do work on the weekdays, so I'll be mainly be free in the evenings. If you guys do accept, I'm more than ready to embark on this mystical journey with you guys.

  • IceCold.3542IceCold.3542 Member ✭✭


    Invites sent. Welcome, all of you.

  • valxine.1873valxine.1873 Member ✭✭

    i'm interested in raids and end game content, currently i'm grinding gears (for alt characters). If you are still recruiting I would love to join!

  • Hi I would like to join your guild, I am currently at crystal desert but i can switch. I am just coming back to guild wars 2 and want to get into wvw action with a guild

  • Would love to join! Am a long time player, recently returned. Very happy to see a guild be so forthcoming with their support for LGBTQ members ^_^ I have ~250hrs on a new, level 80 necro and am having a blast! Would love to roll with a larger guild, as the one I am in right now is a little too inactive for my tastes.

    Thank you!

  • Sounds like this would be a good fit for me. Could I get an invite? Long time casual MMOer with a couple boosted 80s trying to get the game figured out as I go.

  • IceCold.3542IceCold.3542 Member ✭✭


    invites sent! Welcome aboard.

    Bearbad.4359, someone must have already grabbed you, as you're in our guild already.

  • Hi! I spent numerous hours on GW1 during my highschool days. Returning for GW2, would love to join this guild!

    Thank you :)

  • Just started playing a few weeks ago, would love an invite. thanks!

  • JSin.6593JSin.6593 Member

    Logged on saw one of your guildys unfortunately since I work nights and weekends there does not appear to be anyone to send an invite. So one for JSin.6593 would be wonderful. Thank you

  • I am a returning player, very interested.

  • Hello. I've been playing GW2 for a few months now. I'm still learning things, but I would love to join the guild and get to know you all.

  • Centril.3489Centril.3489 Member
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    Hi I am a new player and have been looking for a guild/players to play with and get some tips about the game. I would love to join your guild if you are still accepting members! Also if you had any questions or need to know anything else feel free to add me on Discord Centril#4109