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[FENX][NA]- fun guild seeking new ADULT members, newbies and veterans



  • Hello
    I played GW2 since released, but I left the game in 2013 and didn't return until April 2018, therefore I am a bit outdated, in terms of gears and builds. It took me a while but I almost fully gear up my revenant and I'm planning to do my first raid. I was looking for a guild on the forum that does weekly raiding, and then I found your guild. If the guild is opened for new recruits, please contact me via in-game chat or on the forum when you are available. Have a good one!

  • I noticed you posted that you're full up a couple months ago, but if you have room to invite another member I'd love to visit and see if FENX is right for me!

    :) Thanks much.


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  • FENX is now reopen for invites!

  • Sounds like fun. I have not played for a LONG time so I'm starting from scratch. I'm on a different server but my understanding that only matters for WvW. Would be interested in an invite if there is room. Going to need guidance learning from scratch, lol.

  • You're in FENX! :)

  • I would also like to join if you're still open to new people

  • If there's room, I'm looking for an active guild. I have a max lvl character but I'm honestly very new to anything end game. I'm interested in finding a guild that can help teach me. I honestly really want to learn PVP and end game dungeons and stuff. Plus I really would love a guild with discord.

  • I'm also looking for a new active guild to call home, if there is room. I'm new to end game and interested in meeting people to tackle it with. Mostly interested in PvE.

  • Hi! I would love to join your guild so send an invite!

  • Hey! You folks sound like exactly what I'm looking for. I am a casual player, just getting started. Looking for friendly folks to chat with and ask advice from -- I'm a long-time WoW player and obviously am completely overwhelmed trying to find my bearings in Tyria. If there is still room in the guild, I'd love a spot. Thanks!

  • @Kaylant.8714 @Aegle.5807 @chorkpop.1360 @peterekke.3159 and @Jaye.3051 you all have pending invites to FENX, welcome!

  • If you still have room, I would love an invite. I am new to gw2 and willing to switch servers if need be. Thanks!

  • Hi! I'm a returning player. I haven't played in a couple of years so I'm shaking off the rust a bit. I'd love to join up with you guys and get back into the game.

  • I've been playing GW2 since launch off and on throughout the years, I'm currently playing casually and looking for a group of players to hang out with on occasion. I'd be very willing to help take newer players through things like Fractals or help with story/map completion. ^^ I'd like to get to know FENX.

  • Invite me Please....I would like to join FENX

  • Afternoon guys. I am a fairly green player with a few other people looking to join a guild with more experienced players. Please let me know if you guys have free space.

  • Hi very new started when PoF came out but wasn't able to keep playing because of work was wondering if you still have room or not and if so I would be excited to join!

  • Hello, would love to join and check out the community!

  • I apologize to y'all for not answering sooner, but I had gotten super sick -yay walking pneumonia- and haven't been on. I will be adding you all in a moment, thanks for understanding! - Fae

  • All of you should have pending invites now!

  • I'm interested in joining. Fairly new Max level character, looking to learn Fractals and PvP. Just want to run content in groups and have a laugh doing it

  • I would like to join :)

  • I'd like to join if there's space still available.

  • I'm an old player og gw2, I really wanna come back to play, was kicked out of my old clan for inactivity, since I'm coming back may i join this one?

  • I've owned the game for a while. I got burned out going at it solo last time. Now that my schedule is stable I have been playing pretty regularly now. I also have been looking for a guild to join to help prevent burnout and so I have people to play with again. I have never had a character above level 30 simply because of the loneliness I was experiencing before. If you are willing to have me, I would like to join you. I currently do not own any of the expansions, simply because of the fear of burning out again. I am hoping that you guys can convince me otherwise and help cultivate my love of this game. I hope to hear from you soon =)

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  • Hello, i just moved over and am looking for a Guild on the NA servers. From what you say it sounds like it might be a fit. I would love an opportunity to talk with you about it. i am Andi Opaque.4938 I am in the CST timezone.

  • Be curious to join. Waited until getting to lvl 80 before applying for any guild membership, and looking for decent and friendly folks to romp around content with. I'm West Coast and mostly on of an evening.

  • Hello, fairly new to the game (been playing for about a month) and I'm looking for a chill group of people to play with. Am currently just running around doing pve stuff and map completion but would eventually like to get into dungeons and fractals etc. If you are still looking for members I would like an invite. Seems like fenx might be a fun group! Merry Christmas everyone.

  • I just started playing, looking for a casual place to hang and learn this game

  • Can I join? I've just started playing again and would like some buddies to play with. Thanks :)

  • Looking to join the guild after being away from the game for 5 years. EST and on SoS server.

  • Just getting started playing and looking for a home. May I join the guild?

  • I am a WoW convert and am really enjoying the game. Could I get an invite?

  • Been playing the game for all of 3 days now. Coming from WoW, played that since vanilla launch, and still learning the mechanics of this game. Undecided on what profession I want to play still, have 3 at level 20ish and deleted a couple already.

    I would like to join if there are still spots available.

    Thank you!

  • Invites sent everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday season! -Fae

  • Hi, I sent a PM in-game, I'm interested in learning more about the guild.

  • Id like to give this guild a go if you'll have me. I played original GW about 10 yrs ago and was hooked. I started GW2 f2p and got hooked again so I bought main, HoT, and PoF..................so much content!.....Its like drinking water from a firehose. In a month since purchase in 265 hrs in. I'm disabled so my main input is a few KB keys, mouse, and voice to keybind software, so I sometimes struggle with getting the most out of my character. Anyways. Ive been mostly farming Istan and the SW but I have yet to really delve into Fractals, dungeons, PvP and WvW so I need to expand my palette with the help of a good guild..

  • I'd like to join if possible. Old GW1 player that plays GW2 off and on, really casual like. Izanagi.7831 is my username if I could get an invite

  • Invites sent! <3 -Fae

  • Hi!
    I'm brand new to this game and bought on discount. Got a fresh lvl. 80 necro that would love to have some guidance in the game's content and builds. If possible I would like to join! Thanks!

  • Hey, I've just come back to the game after a long time away, though I never made it to max level the first time around. Would love to find some adults to play the game with and hopefully call friends!


  • Hey ya'll, much like itsBacon.4168 im coming back to the game after quite a break and i've never gotten to do "end game" content and i would love to have a guild to help and guide me through the game. looking forward to hearing from ya'll. Cheers

  • Invited have been sent, welcome! -Fae

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    Been playing alone for a while and wanting to find a new home if recruitment is still open

  • Sure is @Lome.8239 invite sent :)

  • Hey if you have a spot I am def a newbie but looking for a guild to play with. I am trying to get back into gw2 but playing solo is hard lol!

  • Throw an invite my way! Played vanilla years ago. Interested to see what the expansions brings and enjoy the company of news friends.

  • Hello, I've recently came back to GW2 after 6 years so I'm very clueless about everything. I've decided to start all over again from level 1 to learn the mechanics again. Looking for a group to just chill and play with when available and your guild sounds great. My work hours are very odds, but I would at least be on during weekends, invite me please and thank you.