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[FENX][NA]- fun guild seeking new ADULT members, newbies and veterans



  • Brand new to GW2. Would love to find a group to do PVE with, and meet some like minded folks. Thanks!

  • Hello! New Player here.. I'd like to join if you'll have me. Amy Havoc.8064

  • Anchoku.8142Anchoku.8142 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Looking for an active NA guild that tolerates part-time players. I still work for a living and have a little bit of real life left so please do not expect 100% rep'ing and 24-7 availability but I am still playing. I characterize myself as very casual but enjoy participating in guild activities.

  • IceCold.3542IceCold.3542 Member ✭✭

    Daidai Baobao.8794
    Amy Havoc.8064

    Invites sent. Welcome to the guild!

  • I'd be interested if you'd have me.
    I'm a newish player who is just trying to figure things out, heh.

  • Odious.6198Odious.6198 Member
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    Newish PvE/PvX player looking to join if youll have me.

  • Recently came back after a long hiatus, seems like a cool guild If I can join :)

  • IceCold.3542IceCold.3542 Member ✭✭


    invites sent. Welcome to the guild!

  • IceCold.3542IceCold.3542 Member ✭✭
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    Sorry to anyone that posts after this. We are now a full guild - 500 members - and cannot accept any more people currently :(

  • Hi Draco and Merlin!

    This guild sounds like a lot of fun, and I would love to join you guys. Please let me know if there's space!

  • Hello
    I played GW2 since released, but I left the game in 2013 and didn't return until April 2018, therefore I am a bit outdated, in terms of gears and builds. It took me a while but I almost fully gear up my revenant and I'm planning to do my first raid. I was looking for a guild on the forum that does weekly raiding, and then I found your guild. If the guild is opened for new recruits, please contact me via in-game chat or on the forum when you are available. Have a good one!

  • I noticed you posted that you're full up a couple months ago, but if you have room to invite another member I'd love to visit and see if FENX is right for me!

    :) Thanks much.


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    delete, delete, delete... Posted in wrong thread

  • FENX is now reopen for invites!

  • Sounds like fun. I have not played for a LONG time so I'm starting from scratch. I'm on a different server but my understanding that only matters for WvW. Would be interested in an invite if there is room. Going to need guidance learning from scratch, lol.

  • You're in FENX! :)

  • I would also like to join if you're still open to new people

  • If there's room, I'm looking for an active guild. I have a max lvl character but I'm honestly very new to anything end game. I'm interested in finding a guild that can help teach me. I honestly really want to learn PVP and end game dungeons and stuff. Plus I really would love a guild with discord.

  • I'm also looking for a new active guild to call home, if there is room. I'm new to end game and interested in meeting people to tackle it with. Mostly interested in PvE.

  • Hi! I would love to join your guild so send an invite!

  • Hey! You folks sound like exactly what I'm looking for. I am a casual player, just getting started. Looking for friendly folks to chat with and ask advice from -- I'm a long-time WoW player and obviously am completely overwhelmed trying to find my bearings in Tyria. If there is still room in the guild, I'd love a spot. Thanks!

  • @Kaylant.8714 @Aegle.5807 @chorkpop.1360 @peterekke.3159 and @Jaye.3051 you all have pending invites to FENX, welcome!

  • If you still have room, I would love an invite. I am new to gw2 and willing to switch servers if need be. Thanks!

  • Hi! I'm a returning player. I haven't played in a couple of years so I'm shaking off the rust a bit. I'd love to join up with you guys and get back into the game.

  • I've been playing GW2 since launch off and on throughout the years, I'm currently playing casually and looking for a group of players to hang out with on occasion. I'd be very willing to help take newer players through things like Fractals or help with story/map completion. ^^ I'd like to get to know FENX.

  • Invite me Please....I would like to join FENX

  • Afternoon guys. I am a fairly green player with a few other people looking to join a guild with more experienced players. Please let me know if you guys have free space.

  • Hi very new started when PoF came out but wasn't able to keep playing because of work was wondering if you still have room or not and if so I would be excited to join!

  • Hello, would love to join and check out the community!

  • I apologize to y'all for not answering sooner, but I had gotten super sick -yay walking pneumonia- and haven't been on. I will be adding you all in a moment, thanks for understanding! - Fae

  • All of you should have pending invites now!

  • I'm interested in joining. Fairly new Max level character, looking to learn Fractals and PvP. Just want to run content in groups and have a laugh doing it

  • I would like to join :)

  • I'd like to join if there's space still available.

  • I'm an old player og gw2, I really wanna come back to play, was kicked out of my old clan for inactivity, since I'm coming back may i join this one?

  • I've owned the game for a while. I got burned out going at it solo last time. Now that my schedule is stable I have been playing pretty regularly now. I also have been looking for a guild to join to help prevent burnout and so I have people to play with again. I have never had a character above level 30 simply because of the loneliness I was experiencing before. If you are willing to have me, I would like to join you. I currently do not own any of the expansions, simply because of the fear of burning out again. I am hoping that you guys can convince me otherwise and help cultivate my love of this game. I hope to hear from you soon =)

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    • Noobalicious
    • Started yesterday
    • Expansions
    • MST
    • Daily player
    • Do MMO to play with others while kicking some yass
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