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[FENX][NA]- fun guild seeking new ADULT members, newbies and veterans



  • Sounds fun! If you are still recruiting, I would love an invite to check it out please.

  • Hey, im a returning player looking for a casual guild to join and you guys seems like my cup of tea. Im down to join you guys if theres room available

  • I'm looking to get back into GW2 now I have a new laptop! I'd love to join if you'd have me.

  • I would like to join if possible ,

  • LFGuild on Jade quarry NA(PvE/PvX)casual player, CST

    I'm new to Guild Wars 2 still leveling my first character, I do own both expansions.
    I would like to join if you will have me.

    Thank you
    Keyser Soze.1794

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    I’m a new GW2 player that would love to join your guild. GW2 is the first MMO I’ve had a blast playing (besides OSRS), but think that so much more enjoyment could be had by joining a friendly group of players! If you wouldn’t mind another newbie, I’d be more than happy to become a part of FENX!

    More About Me: I’m a 19 year old from the Northeastern United States. I recently bought both of the expansions (thank you 50% off deal, lol) and am currently level 30 on my main charater. I’ve been playing for about 20 hours and have been mainly focusing on map/world completion. However, I’d love to experience all the PvX I can (with a little more interest in PvE). Currently I can put anywhere from 2 - 5 hours of time into the game per day, but this is rare as I’m a pretty serious student. As academics are my main priority, I’d definitely classify myself as a casual player who can play around 1 hour a day. In addition, I have access to all types of VOIP and a microphone!

    Thanks for taking the time to read through my comment. I hope to join and get to know the guild!

  • Hi!

    I am also an old player, I have played (still play sometimes) GW1 , and I play GW2 together with ESO as my main mmo's, although I still go back to my favorite gw1 Mesmer from time to time. But since I bought the two expansions I started playing GW2 more, and being in a guild to chat from time to time, would be nice. So I would like to join if you are still recruiting.

  • Hello,

    I am a new player but learning fast. Just got my worrier to lvl 76. I do have the expansions (and two lvl 80 characters) but I wanted to play threw with my first character first. So I have the basics down just looking to play with some like minded people who i can enjoy them game with and maybe learn some new stuff.

    Also, I'm in Texas so i'm usually on around 7pm-11pm CST. Typically put in 1-2 hours a day but with the right group I could def have a GW2 binge day once a week for sure lol. I'm 29 and work well with others so let me know if you guys/gals want another teammate!

    Br, Cody Parvin (Parvin.6924)

  • Whats up Lads,

    I'm a fairy new player to GW2 but coming over from WoW, so i have a little bit of experience with this type of game, i'm looking for a guild to be able to encourage me to learn more end game content, currently working on power levelling a few classes to be able to fulfil any role needed. Play fairy often, time zone is AEST. would love to be apart of your community.


  • Came back to GW2 a couple of months ago, been really enjoying it. Casual player looking for some company while I run around like an idiot. Would love to join!

  • I'm interested in joining. My character name is Illari on Sea of Sorrows North America server. I'm new to Guild Wars 2; been playing about a month. I'm at the point where I think joining a guild would be good. I can't offer much for knowledge but I can be company in the meantime.

  • How active are you in WvW? Thanks.
    I am a WvW returning play.

  • Hi, somehow I left the guild by accident but I'd love another invite!

  • I saw your guild on here and read what was posted, and i would like to be a part of it!