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[NA/PvE/18+] Calling all New, Returning, and Veteran, Players Home to [REST] in The Gryphons Aerie!

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The Gryphons Aerie [REST] – Your home away from home

What Makes Us Unique?

We believe that the members ARE what makes the guild, not the leadership
The Gryphons Aerie was built to include all people, regardless of ethnicity, culture, gender-identity, sexuality, or experience level. We welcome and encourage everyone to share any and all suggestions as well as their feedback in our efforts to strengthen our guild and move forward to everyone’s benefit. Our members are actively involved with our guild decisions.
We take great pride in helping our fellow gryphons; no task is too small or trivial. We specialize in PvE content and take time to assist guild members with a variety of goals, ranging from personal quests, Fractals, Dungeons, Map Completion, Leveling, and even Gear Acquisition. We also have role-playing members who engage in sessions periodically to build their characters’ stories and host information sessions for players interested in learning more about role-playing.

What Do We Value?
We love Guild Wars 2 and feel ArenaNet has given us a wonderful world to explore and enjoy together.

  • We wish to enjoy the game and help all others do the same.
  • We are respectful to all individuals, both within our guild and outside, regardless of personal identity (including race, nationality, religion, culture, gender-identity, or sexuality).
  • We believe that Real-Life comes before the game.
  • We are active in both Guild Wars 2 and our Discord Chat.
  • We enjoy succeeding as a group and playing cooperatively.

We Take a “Quality over Quantity” Approach
New recruits join on a trial basis to introduce the potential gryphon to our guild. We feel this gives everyone an opportunity time to meet with current members, create strong relationships, and determine if the guild is a good “fit” without feeling any pressure. For our role-playing members, our guild chat is kept OOC (out-of-character) to also encourage well-founded bonds of friendship. We have no class or race requirements in any facet of our guild, including our Fractal and Dungeon sessions. We do not base membership on an individual’s race, nationality, religion, sexuality or gender-identity. We base membership on the player’s behavior and treatment of others.

We Are an LGBTAIQ+ Supportive Guild
Many of our members either fall into, or support those within one or more of these categories. We do not tolerate derogatory or inflammatory messages, jokes, or other communication meant to insult others. Engaging in such behavior will result in immediate dismissal.

Who Are We Looking For?
We are recruiting players who are interested in PvE events and content - particularly Fractals, Dungeons, Meta-Events, and building our first Raid teams, in addition to role-players (role-playing is optional) to help build our stories. Our members both participate in and run structured, weekly events, along with impromptu cooperative PvE and/or RP sessions. We do not require “meta” builds and are willing to help new players learn all PvE content. We welcome all players, whether they are new to Guild Wars 2, returning after a long time away, or are an experienced veteran looking to help us build our guild to reach new heights!
We do refrain from “speed runs” or use of exploits within the PvE content. As our guild members all have goals to reach within Guild Wars 2, we do not skip mobs within our path (mobs=loot), but we also do not “vanquish” every mob within an area. Members participating in events can specify how strictly to adhere to these guidelines (for example, if a guild member needs an achievement requiring us to explore the map more fully, we will certainly do so!).

I Would Love to Join Gryphons Aerie! How Do I Apply?

  • All members are required to read and abide by our Guild Rules and Members’ Bill of Rights as posted on our website.
  • Applicants must be 18 years or older.
  • All members are expected to act with dignity and treat others with respect and honor in all aspects of their game play while representing our guild.
  • All members must join and use our Discord server (use of voice channels is 100% optional, but we do use Discord chat channels to aid in communication and strengthen our friendships).
  • Interested players must register on our guild forum and complete a short application to be considered for membership (general information requested only). This helps implement the “Quality over Quantity” philosophy.

More About Us

Website: http://www.thegryphonsaerie.com
VOIP: Discord (Voice channels are 100% optional)
Peak Hours: Primarily East Coast US (UTC -5) evenings, but members span the globe and play at all times
Guild Size: Small - Approximately 50 members
Roleplay Level: Optional and Light. While not required, we have active members.
Leadership Contacts: AriaSilverfyre.8702, Frag Sandwich.2709, Kelian Ravenwood.4130, BoopSanders.6025, Rauderi.8706

For more information, please visit our Guild Website. We are available to answer any questions you may have; feel free to contact us here or in game. We would love to chat with you!

Guild Leader of The Gryphons Aerie [REST], a NA-based, PvE family.


  • Rauderi.8706Rauderi.8706 Member ✭✭✭✭

    As an added note on our activity days, we're seeking guild member input on it.
    So if you want to get some specific content done, join up and help us help you!

    Many alts! Handle it!

    "A condescending answer might as well not be an answer at all."
    -Eloc Freidon.5692

  • If you're looking for something more than just a bunch of strangers doing occasional things together, then look no further. We're just the place for you!

    Guild Leader of The Gryphons Aerie [REST], a NA-based, PvE family.

  • The Gryphons Aerie is quite like a family. The atmosphere is really pleasant and on the Discord server, there's always someone to chat with, even though I'm from Europe.

  • If you wanted a laid-back, often goofy place to kick back and relax with while learning new things in an easy going setting, then this is the place to be. Come check us out today!

    Guild Leader of The Gryphons Aerie [REST], a NA-based, PvE family.

  • Laid back and goofy is an understatement. These goofballs are a riot.
    That being said...
    We're always open to new, active members, regardless of skill level, preferred class, or playstyle.

  • Like doing stuff at your own pace and playing your characters however you like best? Like laughing it up with friends? Then this is the place to be. Check us out today!

    Guild Leader of The Gryphons Aerie [REST], a NA-based, PvE family.

  • Hello,

    I am a returning player on a 2yr hiatus trying to get back into the game. I am interested in joining your guild.

  • I really enjoy the people i have been playing with here and they have been an absolute joy to hang out and talk with.

  • Such a quirky and amazing group! I wanted to find a group that would be active (even though I live in Europe) and who would be helpful and kind (I was brand new to GW2 when I joined) and I found that with this bunch! We are a riot, and LOVE welcoming new guild members :)

  • Awesome guild; members are willing to assist, events run all the time, and if there is a goal you are working towards, the guild members jump to help out. The family atmosphere is strong with caring members who enjoy running amok in Tyria with good friends. If you are interested in a great guild, check them out!

  • Family atmosphere? Fun and relaxed environment? The ability to play at your own pace? You'll find all that and more with us. Check us out today!

    Guild Leader of The Gryphons Aerie [REST], a NA-based, PvE family.

  • If you make us your next chosen family, you'll be greeted with love, happiness, fun times and a complimentary plush griffon tonic!

  • Vincenzo.3145Vincenzo.3145 Member ✭✭
    edited March 9, 2019

    Would like to join, but don't feel comfortable providing email addresses and passwords be they throwaways or not to do so as that can jeopardize account security or be easily forgotten. Especially considering that the site being used is anything but secure.

  • Amazing people, they have been extremely kind and helpful with running newer players through fractals, dungeons, etc and teaching the mechanics. There is always someone willing to help out with almost anything you need. They can be pretty hilarious too. Definitely a guild worth considering.

  • something I always worry about when joining new guilds is feeling awkward and out of place. there's always this subconscious fear that I'll try to reach out and find a community and end up falling short. everyone here, however, has been amazing in making sure that I and others have felt welcome, wanted, and included. it's a group of truly great people and I know the community can only grow stronger with some more awesome folks along for the ride!

  • A place to be yourself while enjoying good company as you work toward your goals? You'll find it right here!

    Guild Leader of The Gryphons Aerie [REST], a NA-based, PvE family.

  • Rauderi.8706Rauderi.8706 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Don't let a wee bitty application stop ya. It's just a few Get To Know You questions. :3

    Many alts! Handle it!

    "A condescending answer might as well not be an answer at all."
    -Eloc Freidon.5692

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