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[BUG] Bloodstone Visage animation

An animation of Bloodstone Visage doesn't shown properly ingame. But it is all good in preview. I'm talking about this: if I change shaders settings then effect of Bloodstone Visage changes - when shaders set to medium or high then effect dissapear ingame unlike from preview. You can see the difference in video below:


  • Jason.5983Jason.5983 Member ✭✭

    Also wish this could be fixed.. Farmed the achievement over a few hours a few nights ago, since the skin looks great in previews. But when I put it on.. it's rather awful. The effect is practically non-existent on an Asura, also.

  • Jason.5983Jason.5983 Member ✭✭

    Any chance we can get some information on this, from Anet?

  • Hi,
    Im yet another victim of this bug. spent hours doing the achi and after equipping it its almost invisible,
    only shows up when shader settings are set to 'low'
    It would be a pretty minor fix to give a working gratification for a relatively long achievement.
    Can we get any updates on this?

  • Bug still don't fixed. However, almost year have passed...

  • It was fixed shortly after it was released to its present state (because it affected more players when shaders were on medium or high). Probably won't get another (different) fix.

  • Crypto.7609Crypto.7609 Member ✭✭

    Mb by year 2040 we'll finally get a fix for this...

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