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Story Mode Disconnect @ End of Mission, still broken

So frustrating to continually have to repeat story mode missions because of disconnects at the end of the missions.


  • Sparky.7851Sparky.7851 Member ✭✭

    This is the one thing that is killing this game for me. I can play 10+ hours non-stop and not get a single disconnect doing normal stuff, even leave my PC afk whilst I eat dinner and it is still there when I get back, but get into a story mission with a cutscene and It will most likely disconnect after that cutscene. Extremely frustrating when its been one that has taken a long while to get through. There is definitely something wrong with the way the code keeps open a connection to the server when switching from normal play to cutscenes.

    I have 200+ fibre connection to the house. Every other online game I play has no issues at all. It's only something that happens with Guild Wars 2. I have tried the various solutions suggested on the forums (Link below) and still it happens. Logged a ticket and get no help at all, and no explanation as to what is causing the issue. "Packet loss" was the last thing that was blamed, but when I provide details that point to one of their servers being the cause of that ( it just gets ignored.

    At the end of the day though I don't supposed Arenanet really cares. They have my money, there's no sub for them to lose here. I was even fool enough to have purchased the latest expansion but not sure I'll even get to play it at this rate.

  • You cannot get an answer from ANET. You cannot get support for this issue. You can try all of the "It Worked For Me" suggestions you will find. You can go through the maze of info re Port Forwarding and router modifications. You can argue with your ISP. You can demand or set a static IP address instead of a dynamic IP address. Bottom line is, it is an in-game issue ( Arenanet ) with programming. They have been, according to them, looking into it or, testing a fix but, truth is, for many the issue is getting worse and worse. GW2 is, for many, becoming unplayable. And the number suffering the issue is growing. Do they care? Apparently not. The only suggestion I can make at this time is, look for another game from another company and if you find anything that comes close to this one, post the information.

  • AliamRationem.5172AliamRationem.5172 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Tried the latest story twice. Got to the cutscene after the battle with Kralkatorrik and disconnected. I came back later and tried again. Same issue at the exact same point.

    Why do I bother with this broken game? Maybe you guys could do us all a favor and put the game-breaking bugs in the first 5 seconds of the story moving forward so we don't waste our time playing through it only to be unable to finish it?

    What a fun "adventure". Back to WvW I guess...

  • Poormany.4507Poormany.4507 Member ✭✭✭

    Can barely finish any instance that has a cutscene at the end because I keep getting DCed at the end, and each instance usually takes 2+ tries to get through. Not fun at all repeating instances over and over (especially super long ones like The Departing) because of the same issue. Sadly, this has been a problem for years now and still not fixed. If they can't replicate the issue, one playthrough of The Departing is guaranteed to get at least one or two DCs.

  • Yep! Went up against the sniper. Made it through the poison, beat her down, listened to her "end it all now" speech and then, DC'd. Eleven friggin' times. Gave up. Different character. Made it to the last cut scene after beating on Kralk. Where you come too and slowly limp toward the crystalized body of Aurene, as I awake, DC'd eight times. Have given up. Destroy the spear that will kill the dragon. DC'd at least a half a dozen times. We have a small guild that plays storyline and not WvW. Two members recently quit GW completely. Two more are on the verge. And, it isn't getting better. It is getting worse with each new chapter they add. If you look at the list of bugs they actually fix you will see that it is mainly the ones where you can spend real money to buy trinkets, costumes or weapons. Would it not make more economic sense in the long run to concentrate on not losing customers?

  • Katastroff.1045Katastroff.1045 Member ✭✭✭
    edited March 13, 2019

    . Would it not make more economic sense in the long run to concentrate on not losing customers?

    Why would they do that? Plenty of people spent cash on those warclaw skins, the very same warclaw wich you cant complete the ''Perfect Fit'' achievement because they were too short sighted to try it before implimenting it.

    3 known bug were fixed so far this year, 2 of wich were cash shop items bugs.


  • I'm getting disconnected in almost every story mission I've attempted so far. The aggravating thing is getting sent back to the start of the mission when it's a mission full of forced dialogue. The only thing I've noticed is that I seem to be disconnecting during the dialogue with a character. The latest disconnect being during the final conversation with

    Joko during the mission The Departing.

  • It always seems to be either during the final dialogue or if to get to a final dialogue, there is a cut scene. I am even getting dumped at the end of missions that many of my other avies finished with no problem. I have one other game that has started to act the same way but it is a FLASH based game so I cannot see any connection.

  • Weird but, seem to get far fewer DC's when I play on my laptop as opposed to the desktop. Laptop is wifi, PC is lan. Both Windows 10. PC downloads at twice the speed of the laptop. Uploads are the same speed. Same home network / router / ISP. Speedtest gives me 126 mbps on PC and only 52 mbps on laptop. It is an MSI gaming laptop but, cannot figure out why one is different than the other. May try installing a WiFi card in the PC and see what happens. If it changes anything, will report back...

  • Urud.4925Urud.4925 Member ✭✭✭

    @Robbing Hood De Uru.2307 said:
    Weird but, seem to get far fewer DC's when I play on my laptop as opposed to the desktop.

    It might be the graphic card, "too good"/recent. I've never had issues with my old PC, but I often read of people with good PC having issues. You could try to lower a bit some settings or to update your driver.
    Out of curiosity, do you use the same video settings on desktop and laptop?

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