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Bugged Champ Awakened Scavenger.....every one was an ambush !!!

I have a bone to pick with Anet about the new bounties....in the new area. Why on earth do almost all the bounties turn into ambushes? Today our guild did a bounty run through the new zone. We ended up having to repeat many of the bounties because....well, they turned into Ambushes which do not give you credit for the bounties. Its really ridiculous how these have been implemented.

Ok, we just tried to redo the Champion Awakened Scavenger for the umpteenth time today, and every single time we got an ambush. As I said before, we were doing bounties for a guild run earlier today and ended up with 3 out of 5 bounties as ambushes. One of those was this Champ Awakened Scavenger which spawned an ambush every. single. time.

Same for tonight. We tried it twice and both times it was an ambush. This is ridiculous. .........Anet, you need to fix this.

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