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Class Concept: Druid

I know this is a ranger profession, but I would love a Druid class.

This class is similar to how an Elementalist works, but instead of changing affinities with elements, it changes affinities to animals.
Skills will be nature based.

Armor: Medium
Weapons: Staff, Focus, Sword, Shortbow

Each weapon combination will only give the player 4 skills.

-This weapon contains skills that are more towards healing and buffs.
Sword and Focus
-This weapon contains skills more towards damage with self survivability.

-This weapon contains skills more towards enemy debuffs and damage.

Affinities: Bull, Stalker, Stag

Changing affinities grants the character their 5th skill. The skill depends on the affinity and will stay the same across weapons. For example, the bear skill will be the same no matter what weapon a player is using. Different affinities give the player a different aura color.

-Increases maximum HP, but lowers speed. More of a tank type. Green Aura
-Skill: Some AOE that stuns or damages, while giving player protection

-Increases power and speed, but lowers defense. More of a damage type. Red Aura.
-Skill: Something that does a lot of damage.

-Increases healing ability and condition damage. Lowers HP. More of a support/debuff type. Blue Aura
-Skill: A self AOE, that heals anyone in the area while giving the conditions players have to any aggroed enemy. If no enemy, the party is healed for more.


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