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crystal desert access

please as I go to crystal desert, I have the expansion and I already went with another character, so I do not play with it now and yes with another help me please.


  • If you complete the story, you get an item that can be used teleport any character to Vabbi. Doing so also unlocks the waypoint furthest north, which you can use to reach the Desolation. Takes maybe 5 minutes to open up all five original PoF maps.

    For the LS4 zones, you can buy a portal scroll, which allows each character on your account to teleport to the main spawn. (And they can be bundled together for another modest fee.)

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  • Biff.5312Biff.5312 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Ah I had no idea that was transferable. I didn't even check. Awesome!

  • mercury ranique.2170mercury ranique.2170 Member ✭✭✭✭

    you can also use the invite to the lily of the elon pass if you got the deluxe or higher version.
    There is also the possibility to go to the windswept GH and use the exit to get to the domain of Vaabi. The last option is a teleport to friend.

    Going to Vaabi is the faster option. As soon as you enter the desolation you unlock the waypoint next to the portal to Elon riverlands. As soon as you enter there, you unlock the waypoint at the portal to the oasis. Once you enter there you have the waypoint in amoon and then it is a small mountride to highlands.

  • Good suggestions by @mercury ranique.2170. Windswept GH is like a faster version of using Spearmarshal's Plea. Lily of Elon is more convenient for saving on WP fees, but requires a bit more effort to unlock WPs in the other zones.

    "With great power comes not-so-great utility bills."

  • I think a direct way to travel from Lion's Arch to Amnoon by talking to the charr at the ship (if you have PoF) would be better.
    OK, it'f fine that I can use "Spearmarshal's Plea" to port a character to the dead Spearmarshal .. into a more or less dead zone, where you get instantly damage by the surrounding effects.

    I would prefer the ship .. with flight catering and a phenomenal view B)

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