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Instance create failled

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Unable to play Path of Fire - Sparking the Flame
Instance create failled: error=1036 product=9 module=18 line=624



  • same here after dc on this instance.

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    What was the role of that stress trest? Those server did not survived more than 20 minutes.

  • Ozz.7164Ozz.7164 Member
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    I got that code error or perma loading screen. Can't start the first mission.

  • Same, perma loading screen or error message

  • Same here.

  • Several hours into launch and we still cannot get past this mission?

    Sigh, guess I'll try and see if I can taxi myself into the new maps and skip it...

  • Same problem here. Always the same kitten with anet.

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    Same there, finished the initial instance with kiel, but cannot access to the second one from airship, always "INSTANCE CREATE FAILED:2056" and if not that, she is launched but during loading screen, I'm automatically logout. (Error 7:0:0:1026:101)

    Also PS, a bug for Holosmith charr: If wearing an armor, the photon forge effect disappear before the end of the bar/ before player quit photon forge.

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  • The first intance at Kiel's office wont even start/load.
    After a long load time, disconnect.

  • Completed the first instance, but same instance creation issue as first poster, hopefully may access new game some time...

  • Same problem and message as OP

  • Same as OP when trying to do first story episode.

    EU Gunner's Hold

  • Same here. Tried to start the prologue and got booted out of a very long loading screen with the same error already reported in this thread.

    Now cannot even start the prologue... :(

  • im having the same problem. just got home from work and wanted to start the new expansion....but nope, cant :(:(

  • And silence from Arenanet. HoT wasn't this bad for me.

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    @SatansHell.9137 said:
    Same here. Tried to start the prologue and got booted out of a very long loading screen with the same error already reported in this thread.

    Now cannot even start the prologue... :(


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    The server team is still working onthe issue at least

  • This is a joke still can't do the god kitten prologue , this game is a disappointment same as when HoT was realized , bugs and errors and when people started to exploit them they ended up banned same now with PoF Lion Chests broken giving rare items confirmed in chat by others and I can't even get to play . waste of money and time

  • well....kitten this kitten...... waiting the entire day to start playing...but noooo you cant. i will check back in a week i gues

  • Is this some kind of joke for ANet? Any official word? Or are they sleeping through this fiasco?

  • Hey guys! I've been updating players in the bug forums within this thread: You can head there for ongoing information. Thanks!

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    In additional defence, the comms team are keeping people up to date on Twitter as well as on the forums.

    Can't same I;m not frustrated either, but they aren't burying their heads or keeping quiet about it on this occasion.

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