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TACtical Overlay (also called TacO) is a safe and legal overlay for Guild Wars 2, powered by content created by players like you. TacO only uses the official APIs provided by ArenaNet and is developed with strict ToS compliance in mind. We can also find on the English version of the official forum a sub-forum for development and all the information and explanation when handling APIs (and development via these APIs is encouraged even it is to say if it is correct for the use intended by Anet since it is Anet itself that gives us the information used).

This overlay integrates perfectly with the game interface and offers many modules. TacO's strong point is that it is graphical, i.e. it will display markers on the screen to guide you through the game (Icons and explanatory texts). In addition, it offers you to set your own markers (which you can share through XML files).

There are several versions (distributions) of the overlay knowing that on the official site, you will only have the overlay empty of content. But the creative community offers many types of markers. From the indication of success, jigsaw puzzle jigsaw puzzles, harvest optimization, assistance in setting up a strategy for the Raids, to the provision of meta timers directly on the screen.

You can find the list of distributions below knowing that we work for the most part in collaboration via subreddit where you can directly ask your questions to the creators and the developer. I am not the developer of this overlay but one of the content creators and a complete version ready for use, however, I provide you with all the information about this overlay to let players benefit from this tool without being oriented towards one version or another.

Official website : http://www.gw2taco.com

ReActif Package (EN-FR-DE) : https://www.heinze.fr/taco
Tekki's Workshop : http://tekkitsworkshop.net/index.php/gw2-taco/download
GW2info.net : http://gw2taco.gw2info.net

Subbreddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/GW2TacO

Translations : https://www.reddit.com/r/GW2TacO/comments/cd4eo5/gw2_taco_help_to_translate_with_a_maximum_of/

If you want to propose marker sites or integrate markers in a third version, you are free to do so.

The software is intended to run on Windows 7 and above only, sorry for all those who play on MAC or Linux.

Here is an old video that shows quite well what TacO is actually like (There has been a lot of improvement since then)

I can't come here to inform you every time there is a new version of TacO or one of the creators uploads an update.
For some sites, you have access to RSS Feeds to be informed.

NB : This text has been translated by Deepl, if you notice any translation errors please let me know.


  • There's any WIP about map completion trails?

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    Not that I know of, but it's possible that someday someone will create it.
    To help to explore a map, there is another tool called GW2PAO which has an exploration wizard that shows the places not yet found and their direction and automatically finds them (this is based on the API too) but it does not give a route to follow, it just gives the list of all the places not yet found by distance order.

  • @Popocatl.2649 said:
    There's any WIP about map completion trails?

    I currently have this on my to do list.
    just started building my own marker pack including trails. just need to get the basics totally in order.

    just have to reach out to reactive if I can also use his already acquired pois

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    When this is complet, can you put a post on the subreddit of TacO for all can find your complexion pack ?

  • @ReActif.9251 said:
    When this is complet, can you put a post on the subreddit of TacO for all can find your complexion pack ?

    will do, I am staring next week with the paths. Have to optimize the routes and then create the routes.

    Let's see how long it takes for it to be completed.

    it is part of my complete pack. Luckily the path will be creator as soon as I have all the other basics done (icons etc)

  • i have very low gamma in this fullscreen windowed, how can i solve that.

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    In Fullscreen Windowed the gamma is set by Windows or your configuration panel of your driver.

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    Update for my distribution (all in one) of TacO for the episode 4.

    Changes only affect « Full Version » and « External Pack » of TacO ReActif Pack.
    The « Guild Missions Only » version is not concerned.

    Download : https://www.heinze.fr/taco/
    More details on file changes : https://www.heinze.fr/taco/doc/patchnotes.php
    Complete list of available markers : https://www.heinze.fr/taco/doc/markerslist_en.php

  • Awesome. Thanks for updating so quickly!

    Hype is the path to the dark side. Hype leads to unfulfilled expectations. Disappointment leads to anger. Anger leads to disgust. Disgust leads to "oh, new shinies! I'm back!"

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    I will probably improve a lot of markers, and completed but it is already usable as it is
    I invite you to subscribe to the RSS feed in order to be informed when the package will be updated because I will probably not post any posts to report it.

  • FYI: The link is dead.

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    A new version of the GW2TacO is available ( _035.1973r _)
    GW2TacO has just been updated with some new features:

    • Added option to toggle marker distance display.
    • Added framerate throttling so that TacO rendering is keeping pace with GW2.
      TacO will still maintain a minimum 5fps framerate.
      This setting can be disabled by editing TacOConfig.xml's "FrameThrottling" option. It's on by default.

    • The contents of TacOConfig are now alphabetically sorted to make it easier to find stuff in there.

    • Optimized the loading of marker packs, TacO should start up noticeably faster now when loading large zipped marker packs.
    • Fixed some on-exit resource leaks.

    For the ReActif Pack, I will replace the version of TacO used with the new one.
    In addition there is all the maps in the game for 100% exploration assistance which is finally completed.

    Edit : Website updated !

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    @Popocatl.2649 said:
    There's any WIP about map completion trails?

    Now yes, i have create all trail for all maps in my distribution.

    NB: i know this is an old message.

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    New version of GW2 TacO (036.2052r)

    GW2 TacO has just been updated with some new features:

    • Even faster start-up and significant memory use improvements by on-demand loading of POI graphics.
    • TacO should no longer crash on startup when non-latin input methods are used (Disabling the IME altogether for TacO seems to have fixed it).
    • Map timer and Range circle config context menu doesn't close now when you change settings.
    • Map timer can now track your daily boss kills for those bosses that have an API endpoint (World bosses and hardcore world bosses, requires API key).
    • Map timer can now track your daily map metas that have an API endpoint (Maps that have a hero's choice chest, requires API key).
    • Marker distance text now has a slight outline for better visibility.
    • Marker distance text is now faded out with the marker to remove clutter.
    • Added localization support.
    • Hidden windows should no longer hold up clicks to GW2.
    • Hopefully. I couldn't reproduce the original issue to test it.
    • Moved [x] toggles to the beginning of the line in the marker category filter menu.
    • Added "IsSeparator" attribute to marker category descriptions.
    • If it's value is 1, the category will act as a separator in the marker category filter and won't have an [x] toggle.
    • Highlighted some toggled features of the menu system.
    • Rearranged the TacO menu to hide overlay-related settings and make things a bit cleaner.
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    I tried downloading TacO and I got a prompt stating that "GW2TacO_037r.zip" is not a common download and may be dangerous?

  • @Havyn.4293 said:
    I tried downloading TacO and I got a prompt stating that "GW2TacO_037r.zip" is not a common download and may be dangerous?

    It sounds like you have an anti-malware plug-in or app that is being overly-cautious. It's not a "common download," given the number of GW2 players and that only a fraction use TaCO.
    If you want to rely on your anti-malware to decide for you, wait. Eventually, this app's status will get updated by the powers that be (for the anti-malware) and it will go on the whitelist, like millions of other shareware programs.

    Alternatively, you can decide to trust the thousands of strangers who have used TaCO reliably for years.

    Hype is the path to the dark side. Hype leads to unfulfilled expectations. Disappointment leads to anger. Anger leads to disgust. Disgust leads to "oh, new shinies! I'm back!"

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    This is just an zip file because the official version is provide in a zip, it's nothing more...

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    New version of GW2 TacO (037.2107r)

    GW2 TacO has just been updated with some correction and improvements:

    • Fixed some minor localization related issues (tokens not converted to text, some text missing its first letters, typos in the English translation).
    • Fixed an issue with utf-8 text rendering that would render glyphs with an ID over 32768 render incorrectly.
    • Added the complete font set from the client to the UI skin. This will increase startup and shutdown time a bit, but allows for translations into non-latin languages. Not all glyphs are supported, but if it works in the in-game chat box, it will work with TacO. (Note: this only affects the default font for the TacO menu used to display most things. The debug line, update text and large locational timer fonts don't have non-latin characters).
    • Added an outline to the debug text and the new build available text.
    • Updated the new build text to show how many new builds are available.
    • Files with the .taco extension are now loaded by the overlay on startup to help with the "should I unpack the .zip" confusion.
    • Individual events on the map timer can now refer to the Hero's choice API events as well through the WorldBossAPIID property.
    • Settings data will now also be saved 10 seconds after the last change in the settings instead of only on exit.
    • Fixed a stack corruption error.
    • Fixed a possible crash that could occur in rare occasions when multi-clienting. A reminder: multi-clienting is not supported by TacO because the GW2 client and the Mumble API doesn't support it either.
    • Added an on-screen warning if multiple GW2 clients are detected.
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    I just released the update for the prologue "Bound by Blood" with a little error of haste last night (I reversed two types of format, between external and complete) and then I corrected some last little things this lunchtime thanks to the return of the one who does the German version.

    Tonight the available version 2019.9.29.1 is this time compile correctly.
    Download : https://www.heinze.fr/taco/

    I would like to take this opportunity to point out that the markers of the Ash Legion code on the trees for example as all these kinds of markers are available in addition to the related achievements in a section located in the Assistances menu or are referenced in quick access and even if the achievement is over and the API key hides it, will still be visible.

    This time I have also optimized a little more the PNG files (which can be quite large) with optimizations in the order of µBh (micro butt hairs, it's very precise) to reach sizes that can be 30 to 50% smaller than the original file while being without loss of quality. I'm thinking about whether I'm pushing this a little further with a proprietary codec (but not free) that can reduce the sizes to 70% of the base size but good 65$ for TacO, I know I love you all but I can't afford to consider it right now. After that may seem useless but it's optimizing in terms of TacO loading speed, display that on players who already have the game in low and bad internet can count.

    Here are the details of the achievements available

    • A Carved Path
    • Additional Secrets of the Khan-Ur
    • Amateur Mixologist
    • Ash Training Course [Adventure]
    • Ballooning Targets
    • Billowing Bellows
    • Bodyguarded
    • Brand Stomped
    • Cattle Custodian
    • Champion of All
    • Chaperone
    • Crater Circuit [Adventure + Race]
    • Cub Consoler
    • Demolition Derby Don
    • Divide by Zero
    • Eyes for Ears
    • Flash Freeze
    • Gauntlet of the Khan-Ur [Puzzle]
    • Generation Gap
    • Grothmar Grand Tour [Adventure + Race]
    • Grothmar Skyscale Challenge [Adventure]
    • Grothmar Valley Historian
    • Hasty Harpooning
    • Hot Feet
    • Hotshot
    • Ice Breaker
    • Immaculate Champ
    • Khan-Ur's Right Hand
    • Light it up!
    • Master Concert Promoter
    • Master Seeker
    • Master Sous-Chef
    • Master of Ceremonies
    • Model Diplomat
    • No Ingredients Wasted
    • Ooze Master
    • Pass the Torch
    • Pepper Picker
    • Pest Control
    • Pledged
    • Professional Bouncer
    • Prolific Popper
    • Renowned Seeker
    • Secrets of the Khan-Ur
    • Smooth as Ice
    • Spiritbane
    • Stay Frosty
    • Staying In Character
    • Straight-Up Fight
    • Swift Justice
    • Talk of the Town
    • Teacher's Assistants
    • The Show Must Go On
    • Too Slippery
    • Under Her Wing
    • Untouchable
    • Well Watcher
    • Hidden: An Eye for Detail
    • Hidden: Heads up!
    • Hidden: Meet Your Imperator
    • Hidden: Stealing the Limelight
    • Hidden: VIP Access


    A complete redesign of the menus and marker operation has been done in version 2019.08.21.

    These changes have resulted in POI XML files being renamed or grouped, and the marker tree structure being changed.
    TacO works with XML in strict mode (I'll keep it short) even the slightest change can cause TacO to lock or no longer load markers at all.

    Therefore, BEFORE UPDATING an existing version from before version 2019.08.21, you should follow the following procedure:

    1. Delete the file "TacOConfig.xml" (make a backup of it just in case)
    2. Delete ALL .XML files from the "POIs" folder (except those you would have created voluntarily or external packages such as Tekkit's for example)

    I am aware that this will require you to reconfigure keyboard shortcuts, window locations and sizes, API keys, etc. but this is not supposed to happen again and there were no easier automatic methods for all cases to erase traces of past markers in the configuration file and TacO is extremely sensitive to any inconsistencies.

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    Small feedback on the received messages, problem in corrections, etc ...
    First, I apologize in advance for the incorrect English or translations totally failed, but you will understand that I am fluent in English fairly basic, I hope that the content of the suite will be at least understandable. Thank you

    1. Markers / Trails remain visible even without being activated, one with a default icon: "Grothmar Valley: Symbols" (in the menu Assistances) and "Historian of Grothmar Valley"

      The problem has been found and will be corrected in the next update.

    2. Request players to return the Guild Missions menu with one submenu per activity type and not all at the same level.

      This will be done in the next update which allows to regain a little space on the length of the menu, and I take this opportunity to improve the legibility regarding the information of the name of the map related to a bounty or trek, a small image for example? Then you will see that the indications are not aligned but clearly it is almost impossible to happen to align the texts better than that now without spending 4 days.

    3. The "Picante" achievement is missing.

      Yes, it is a very good remark and it is not a forgotten.
      Currently this achievement is for many bugged and I prefer to wait for a patch to find out what will be changed before giving an indication that can be changed.

    4. I have been told that an element of achievement "Notetaker" located in Fractals would have a page that would be reversed with another (visible especially when using the API key)

      Unfortunately, we were not able to confirm which ones were reversed, and I can not verify it.
      So if someone has not made this achievement yet or could see which ones were reversed (this would be 5 and 6) I'd be happy if you told me.

    5. When is a complete exploration trail of the new map?

      I will say as soon as possible but I will start its creation only after having totally removed all the worries of the markers already present.

    6. When will the guild puzzles or challenges?

      For a very long time, I hope to be able to finish one day these markers of guild missions but it has never been possible until now to find the world accepting the constraint of the creation (often it takes a little time so I can indicate each element, then a second passage for the trail, and finally a third for control) I understand quite that players doing guild missions do not necessarily want to spend an hour just defending a ReActif that seems to make voodoo incantations by making small steps to the right, and left then putting AFK 20 sec in the game. Then without talking about having to wait to find the right puzzle, or challenges.
      Some players have told me they can help me by giving their time knowing that they will not be able to complete the mission (s).
      PS: If you want to help me, it's really nice but as I'm not English and I master oral English even worse than write it, that's to say and because I prefer to be on a vocal during these creations to be able to give precise indications, I will see first with people in communities that I cotoye (but all is a question of time, availability and personal life)

    Well I think I have done a little tour of what is in progress or returns received.
    I try to make the corrections as soon as possible.

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    edited October 3, 2019

    A new version of the program has been released.

    I am currently working to update all the packs with this one.and need wait for translated text to CN, SP (DE and FR are already ok but not push online at this time)
    And I will add the prologue fixes with.

    New features also require me to study them and update the website with new info.

    If you want update TacO without waiting for updated packs, just replace :

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    If you know someone or if you speak other languages than English, and if you have a few minutes.
    We need someone who can translate menu texts into third languages

    • Translations into French and German are already done.
    • 95% of the translations into Spanish and Chinese are done (there are only 11 new lines to translate)

    And if you can translate into languages not yet available it would be a huge help.
    For example, here are some languages that could be useful because the number of players of these nationalities is not negligible:

    • Italian
    • Russians
    • Croatian
    • Romanian
    • Or any other languages you speak that are not yet available.

    To do this very simply, there is a google doc that contains all the texts in English and in the other languages. Just add the translation in the corresponding box.
    And if the language is missing, just write your name in a new column and translate....

    Thank you, if it avoids going through Google Translate and having totally shameful translations (and I know a lot of English doesn't understand this mania that foreigners want to read and write in their language, I know, I know, it's a shame but nevertheless, show how good English is and want to help those whose language is not the right one... this is a joke in case Team 1 graduates come by here)

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    GW2 TacO ReActif with version 042.2533r of the overlay has just been released
    The contents of the packs have also been updated / corrected for what should be
    More details on the site directly.

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    Fixed formatting of translation files for Deutsch, Spanish and Chinese languages

    During the compilation of the packs, duplicate lines remained in the files:

    • TacO_Language_cn.xml (Chinese translation)
    • TacO_Language_de.xml (Deutsch translation)
    • TacO_Language_sp.xml (Spanish translation)


    In case you need the latest Deutsch, Spanish and Chinese localization files, only get the localization files here:

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    Added Episode 1 of Season 5 : "Whisper in the Dark"
    The bug related to API keys is still present and requires to avoid using them for the moment in order not to encounter any problems.
    More details to read in the news : https://www.heinze.fr/taco/?lang=en#news

    • Modification of the position of the red dot on the notification highlight of the Trading Post in order to follow the new position of the icon of the Trading Post of Black Lion.
    • Timers update with the addition of the "Bjora Marches" map (based on API/Wiki information)
    • Adding travel assistance icons (Bouncing Mushrooms, etc) on the "Bjora Marches" map.
    • Correction of the icon position of the achievement icon "Jackal Reconnaissance" on "The Desolation" map. (this is only temporary until we can recreate more accurate markers for this achievement)
    • Addition of the following markers for episode 1 : "Whisper in the Dark" :
      • The Hunger
      • Bjora Marches Historian
      • Bjora Marches Insight: Aberrant Forest
      • Bjora Marches Insight: Asgeir's Legacy
      • Bjora Marches Insight: Fallen Mountain Overlook
      • Bjora Marches Insight: Ravenfrost Caverns
      • Bjora Marches Treasure Hunter
      • Constant Vigilance
      • Essence Looter
      • Essence Manipulation 101
      • Hunting Champions
      • Ice-Bound
      • Just Resting
      • Legendary Boneskinner
      • Raven Lens Scholar
      • Legendary High Shaman
      • Legendary Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen
      • Lighting the Forest
      • Lighting the Frozen Pass
      • Lighting the Legacy
      • Lighting the Mountains
      • Luminary
      • Mysteries of the Raven Sanctum
      • Stop Hitting Yourself
      • Supernatural
      • Hidden: Everyone's a Critic
      • Hidden: Give In
      • Hidden: Sweet Surrender

    Download : https://www.heinze.fr/taco/?lang=en
    More details on file changes : https://www.heinze.fr/taco/doc/patchnotes.php
    Complete list of available markers : https://www.heinze.fr/taco/doc/markerslist_en.php

  • is it possible to show only the next icons, not the distant ones appear? much remains together, if so what do I change? which line in the code do I change?