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BLOCKING PROGRESS: Stalled event in The Desolation (

A stalled event in The Desolation is blocking progress for players trying to complete the event for the Villager Defense Recording (Redeeming IG-6417 achievement).

The issue myself and others have is being unable to get to another instance of this map since yesterday--so we've been unable to complete this Recording.

Map IP:
Stalled event: Defeat the clanmarshal and vizier

The Clanmarshal and Vizier are just standing around, green-named, in the center of the Clanmarshal's Pergola.

This event needs to complete for the next event, "Help Rebel Keyon steal weapons from the garrison" to spawn, which is then followed by "Defend the captive villagers from the garrison's Awakened until Zuri returns with weapons". Its this "defend" event that players need to complete for the Villager Defense Recording.


  • Did you try looking for Zuri and resurrecting her? She should be on the way to the pergola though probably dead somewhere.

    Zuri must reach the bosses so they can become hostile.

  • Zuri was there at the pergola entrance but would not go inside, a group of us tried to get her to move by leading her from one group of enemies to another but she always ran back to the entrance. Letting her die and ressing her did not reset her, she still did the same thing. She will not go inside and talk to the NPCs.

  • Vision.9074Vision.9074 Member ✭✭

    This event chain is still stalling outside the Clanmarshal's Pergula and is preventing the chain from restarting and blocking the recording acquisition. I submitted another bug report for it today.

  • today still bugged, on the desolation map ip a restart for this machine would be great

  • Why must I painfully go through bugged and stalled events for each and every achievement... It's almost as if Anet does this on purpose

  • Happening again today on IP Zuri outside entrance, won't go in. Vizier & clanmarshal are green.

  • Guess I'm waiting for another reset. All those recordings are gonna fill my inventory :(

  • Amhiel.6195Amhiel.6195 Member ✭✭

    This game has become a huge nest of bugs. I am so tired of being blocked from progressing, and hoping that the next week reset will fix it. Tonight is Tuesday so of course now I have to wait another whole week minimum to continue. It's bad enough then time gate this garbage, but then they block progress even further with all the bugs.

  • Same problem for me, IP= Been stuck for 24h and no way to progress.

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