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Personal story and linear story, differences

As the title says, I'm going to ask about whether we will ever see a point in the story where it becomes our story again, our character. And I don't mean to imply I don't like the story, I do actually like the story, but it feels like it isn't my character in it. I have no control over what they say,what they do, really. And I don't see any shift from that narrative in this episode either, and it's been that way since HoT, so I don't expect it to change, but I figured I could still ask on the off chance we might get some say in at least minor story moments. I understand that you kind of have to make the story hard set to a linear path because of resources and whatever goal it is we're suppose to be going for wouldn't change much. But back in the personal story, while many things were a linear path, there were different possible versions of that path. what if I joined the Order of Whispers, Priory, Vigil? It would impact my interactions from step 3 up to step 6. And a couple afterward. Who would help me later when pushing into Orr? Some of those moments involved which group I chose to help, Hylek, Skritt, Ogres, Quaggan. So while it all ended up leading to Zhaitan, I got to at least inject my choices into the path I took getting there.

I actually do like the recent episode, as a linear story, it's good, but for a while now, I've missed being able to decide who my character is. Asura, Charr, Sylvari, Human, Norn, doesn't really matter much anymore. Charming, Dignified, Fierce, unimportant. What order did they join? That bit did actually come up at the end of HoT, so there was that, but nothing since. I guess I just want to know if it's been considered whether some of those elements might return, even if only minor, it would be nice.

Also, sorry if this is too far off topic.



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    It's okay, I'm not mad or anything, was just curious. Really, only two things bother me, and it's when race really should be important to an interaction, and the PC attitude toward everyone. They never seem to get properly frustrated, are rarely snarky at times where it seems appropriate, though this episode seemed to have a wake up moment in some of the dialogue with Braham that "Hey, why do I deal with his kitten all the time and just never defend myself? I should at least be allowed to backtalk him a little." Like, I feel while we are playing the PC, they shouldn't be this perfect person all the time until the plot demands they kitten up to allow it to progress.

    Like when we get distracted talking to Blish and his brother rather than thinking, "Hey, shouldn't we get moving back to make the vault is secure? We can talk and walk on the way. We can focus more once we're sure the vault is safe." But instead, we just stand there talking until, "Oh kitten, the vault's been breached!" Like, at one point in the episode, we are the clever commander, planning the attack on Rata Primus, and then while talking to the asura, all those years of fighting and planning go right out the window.

    Really, the one thing I just kind of hope for is for the PC to be a little more relate-able. Because when they are just a plot device, it makes it harder for me to care what they are saying. I'll try to listen to the NPC's so I still have an idea of what is going on, but I feel like I'm barely even hearing what my character is saying, because does it really matter? It just feels like I'm playing a moving plot device rather than a character more often than not. I'm not perfect with words, but I do appreciate what you guys do, I just kind of hope that the PC becomes more, "human"(I say that in a sense of how they act, since I have 5 sylvari, which I love. and I really watched them grow and learn as they experienced the world, and learned about hardship, experienced the tragedies of war in LWS2 and HoT. I just love the race.) again, I guess.

    If anything I say is unclear, don't be afraid to say so, I can try to clarify.

    Side note on race: I love the chats by those two Charr about the five races in the Olmahkhan village. It was a nice reminder that you guys still know many of us care about our diverse characters. And I'm sure you all do too. (The one when you're playing a Charr amused me the most.)

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    Yeah, i don't think anyone mentioning alternate less linear story would necessarily want a choice or story that makes sense based on the exact combination of this and that steps in the past. I don't mind the story as is going forwards, though I often think that, where it makes sense, different routes to the same conclusions could have the effect that you're choosing how to go forward.

    Almost like because you're this and that race. or because you're this or that profession. Or event his and that order (although that really shouldnt matter at this point in story I think) But Anything that has lasting permanence over several episodes or even several instances seems like unnecessary effort.

    I see it more as little ways to reinforce the identity of the commanders. At tops picking the dark route the light but dangerous route or the physically straining route so to speak. Such choices like in Heart of Thorns in the first instance in tangled depths feels to me like something that's possible though not really too influencial of a task.

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    I feel no attachments to any of my characters because they say things I'd never say. So, the story is always boring as far as the commander goes when she/ he talks. Infact, If I had my character written to a degree of something I'd be proud of, they would constantly be annoyed of the commander. In essence, when I play LS I'm playing through the commanders eyes as intended but that's not MY character. The way the commander is written sometimes reminds me of Captain Kirk from Star Trek... I would like to have some kind of european accent and not a basic, generic female voice.
    It'd be nice to have more dialogue options with some repercussions when you make decisions. I guess LS doesn't feel as personal in anyway for me as My story did. LS is about everyone else, not the commander. (Another trehearne effect)
    I wish players had the option to donate money to Anet so we could see better changes that feel more personal.