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Could we talk with our NPC friends some more?

One bit that rubbed me the wrong way is the little interaction that was between the player character and his 2 longest friends that were doing lots of stuff for most of season 3 and POF main campaign. I would have wanted an additional conversation with both of them, even if it's not voice acted, so that we can clear the air and sort some things out. It could have worked well either during or after the episode's plot. Example:"How's Gram faring in his retirement?"; "Now both you and Rox have bows, does this mean she's getting an upgrade to her bow next?"; "Did you find a new friend to accompany you through Elona?"(referring to a new ranger pet) "How's life as a Dragon Hunter?"
I'm sure you could have phrased said questions that I've given examples a bit better and obviously made said dialogue optional for the people that care about this sort of thing. I just feel it would help with the world building and characterization..... and maybe garner some interest in their previous adventures so that later, you could make a fractal out of that missing time, with the PC and the rest of the party playing as Norn hunting Jourmag with Rox and Braham, detail and apply some more of the blessings and curses of the animal totems when dealing with them.
In conclusion: I would like to see more talks with the PC allies and friends, not just in the end instance.


  • Aidda.8027Aidda.8027 Member ✭✭

    that is a great idea for a fractal!

  • Weindrasi.3805Weindrasi.3805 Member ✭✭✭

    This! Plus, I want a lot more dialogue with the Olmakhan--deeper details on their history, their knowledge and opinion of their long-lost people to the north, and the PC opinion of them--ESPECIALLY if the PC belongs to one specific race.

  • darkfiremew.5937darkfiremew.5937 Member ✭✭
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    I'm all for race and profession specific actions. I have yet to see what Norn can do regarding animal totems. Or the consequences of a human that had the blessing of Balthazar for example and have those talking points addressed in the map or conversations with NPCs.

    Edit:Or how about what your old krewe from your time in Collage was doing, or your old war band that you left behind to become a commander.
    Or the massive Sylvari threads that were lying around and weren't explored during HoT or Pof(main): What happened to the other Pale Tree analogs? Why didn't any of the first or second born NPCs of "legend" help out , outside of the event NPCs in the first HoT map and Caith? What happened to the soundless or the nightmare court after and during HoT? Did any of the Verdant Brink Sylvari even survive after HoT and if, yes, what are they doing now? What's up with Malyck and his tree?