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Raid Plot alignment with Living Story

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I have a question that’s been nagging me for some time, and I’ve been compelled to ask it.

So I keep up with the raid storyline, as I myself raid fairly frequently. There’s recently been a plot reveal with Dhuum and what he’s been up to since GW1, pretty menacing stuff.

A redditor basically made an elaborate thread revealing the implications his soul binge may have had on some characters we have known and loved through the years of GW2’s release. It was a fascinating but painful read. Some of my favorite characters are long dead, such as the mentors, (they were all wonderful),Trahearne (yeah that’s right! Trahearne) and Eir (I’ll never be over it), and even characters we never quite got to meet like Snaff.

There are more characters to list, of course, and the thought of them all simply being obliterated instead of finding rest is potent, and painful to think of, but a fairly heavy twist. Did Dhuum obliterate them all? Has everyone that died over the course of GW2 gone straight to Dhuums gullet?

Or is this future plot that can’t be touched on yet? Plans upon plans and schemes upon schemes and all of that?