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On the PC's "development"

That the Pact Commander is a protagonist with something of an actual personality going on and their own voice instead of a blank paper like every other MMO out there is something i've always enjoyed about this game, and I have to say it's been immensely fascinating -and entertaining- how they've been having actual development as they story unfolds. We began the Personal Story started so wide-eyed and energetic, and now in LS4, with Tyria basically teetering on the brink and so many horrible things and personal losses left and right we just sound so tired, so weary and jaded by all the responsibilities and tragedies piled up on them, and with a lot of personal demons in the back of our heads, but still trudging along because that's what we have to do (That SIIIIIIIIGH... moment in Daybreak was hysterical and said so, so much). It's such a swerve from what the story began as, and it's a really refreshing take on the usual "Chosen One" formula, so kudos on you writers for pulling it off!

What I'm curious about is, was this something planned from the beginning, or something that came around now you got more narrative potential ever since the Commander started talking outside cutscenes?

And how hard it is to pull this off without going too far on what every player considers their characters to be like?