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Hi folks,

We're happy to host this subforum, and hope that it's helpful to you in building your guild family.

I'd like to make you aware of a policy here: **We allow just one "bump" post a day.* Posting a comment of substance is fine, but substance is more than "bump" or "join us." If you have something meaningful to say, please do so. If you want to bump, then check the date of the last post and do not do it unless at least 24 hours have passed.

Thanks for understanding.

Gaile Gray
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  • Chi Cerca Trova [CCT] (Maguuma) is presently recruiting! We have discord, a guild hall and are very active. Returning player? Newbie? Veteran? Message
    RedRoses.2914 or Bladeddawg.2564 in game for an invite. Thank you!

  • @RedRoses.2914 said:
    Chi Cerca Trova [CCT] (Maguuma) is presently recruiting! We have discord, a guild hall and are very active. Returning player? Newbie? Veteran? Message
    RedRoses.2914 or Bladeddawg.2564 in game for an invite. Thank you!

    I'm a new player to the game... I'm playing as a Guardian and i really love my char. i mainly play everyday at some point whenever i can. im on the Europe servers andare from Europe timezone as well.
    Would the guild have a slot for me as well ?

    my discord is Alu#3015

    Hope to hear from you!

  • RedRoses.2914RedRoses.2914 Member ✭✭
    edited January 14, 2020

    Bump. Bump.

  • Hello my name is Jared. Im trying to find a guild. Im into PVP and PVE. My disc is Jaroldo#3893

  • Im a newbie.. Are u still recruiting?

    Im interested.. Which server should I go?

  • BTW.. my discord is Boiled Eggs#7832

  • Hello Im Jason. just back to the game after 1 year and looking for a guild.
    sea region player.
    -full profession
    -full mastery 313
    -max fractal
    -full mount

  • Hi,

    back to the game after 1 year and looking for a PVP guild.
    I started play GW2 6 years ago on vanilla.

  • Tubalz.9831Tubalz.9831 Member ✭✭
    edited March 30, 2020

    [EVIL] Every Victor's Immortality Lair (North America - Borlis Pass) We are always looking for active members to enjoy the game with. Very friendly and helpful guild. If you just started or have been here since Beta, we would love to have you. We play all aspects of the game (WvW, PvP, PvE,Fractals, Dungeons,etc..) and have an active Discord server. Our Guild Hall is LvL'd and offer many perks to our members. We also have giveaways, for our members :) We have many members from GW1 also.

    in-game message Tubalz.9831 for invite or for discord link so you can check us out before joining :)

  • :) Simple Rule [ SR] Europe recruiting! new members we're just new just started friendly guild that want to have fun if ur social newbie or raider that wants to raid when we sort out a raiding team ur more than welcome to join us.

    u can send a message to Naifz.6138 or Genesis Gnosis.8706 in-game for an invite
    and ur welcome to join our discord: https://discord.gg/k9U93F

    للمعلومية كلنا عرب يعني حياك لو انت عربي و حاب تدخل معنا :)<3

  • Hi, looking for friendly casual guild. I have been looking but have had no luck.
    I am a new player who is still learning the ropes of the game.
    I'm currently playing a necromancer in sea of sorrows.
    IGN: Lunari.8470, Discord: Lunari#7362

  • Hello looking for an english speaking guild, i am a new player and I am a necromancer. Would appreciate an invite.

  • Hello returning player, starting over looking for a friendly guild, looking for socializing, dungeons, and eventual raiding. I would like to really do the story I never finished it.

  • Returning casual player looking for a guild.
    Gunnar's Hold,

  • Hi, I'm a long time casual player on the EU Vabbi server. I'm mostly experienced in PvE, some PvP/WvW, only did a raid maybe two times, but def up for more. I'm looking for a fun guild to join, preferrably 18+ players.

  • I'm a new player looking for a guild... I don't have a whole lot of experience but I have been playing the game 6-7 hrs a day and I will be playing for a long time!

  • Hi im new player i dont have experence im looking for guild in Europian server.i play a loot with this game...im 27 years old and i play with a human revenant!my home server is RoF. tamasszebeni.9052

  • xena.5107xena.5107 Member

    hi ive many accounts, but no home. i see names i know from other games (yeah i know might not be same plp) but im looking for a active guild with no pressure (new returning player and still dont know what im doing) thanks nd im allways on so message me in game ty (ROB)

  • Returning player to GW2 looking for NA guild that plays regularly together

  • Kind of a newb, looking for my first GW2 guild.

  • Our guild is looking right now for new members.
    We are a team who allowed every levels, begginers, pro"'s,...

    Ever wanted to join a guild that combines your interest for anime and gw2?? Anime Queen's Fanclub [AQF] is what you are looking for!

    We are a completely new guild that just started a month or so ago, looking for active players, we are a friendly bunch if not a little crazy sometimes :smile: hoping to plan things together and have fun. We mostly do pve content, though we do have the occasional pvp here and there :smile: We are a chill bunch of people and we work together to figure things out in the game as all of us are rather "new" :smile: (We are mostly a bunch of night owls in the EU xD)

    You need to be on EU
    you need to be 16+

    ****What we want??******

    Become one of the biggest team in gw2, making a lot of events, play togheter,....
    When you join you will be a recruit like all new members, but how more you play how higher rank you can get.

    Maybe you will become the leader one day.

    Just kidding, :)

    If interested or have any question you can ask me on discord
    Akaji#6648 or kaillon#6590

    or you can already join our discord server

  • Hiya im peanut,

    im looking for a PVE guild to have some fun with (:
    Im a returning player i played since beginning
    My discord is Peanut#4006

    Feel free to msg me ♥

  • Hi, my main is Koral Rivener.

    I am a returning player who has played since GW2 originally came out. Took a 4 year break to play WoW, now I am back and my old guild is no longer doing much. Looking for a guild for PVE/dungeons/hopefully raids/some WvW. In the US but EU server, so late at night since work during the day. Raiding would likely only work on weekends once I get the gear with the currently needed stats. Discord is Kim#4456, on EU server GH.


  • [EU] The Order of the Silver Jaguar [OTSJ] is a fairly new guild full of casual, friendly players. We are looking a range of players: newbies, veterans... it does not matter, anyone can join! The Guild Hall we have claimed is Gilded Hollow (Lv4). We mainly work in PvE but want to move into all content as we grow. There is no representation required. Our current schedule is that we do guild missions every Sunday following (GMT+0).
    To sum everything up:

    • Looking for active players (veterans... new players...)
    • Guild Hall - Lv 4 Gilded Hollow
    • Weekly Guild Missions
    • Fractals, dungeons... etc planned following a schedule
    • No representation rules (Appreciated if you do!)
    • We are also looking for Recruiters, Event Leaders and such =D
      If there is any interest join the server, meet some active members ! DM me for questions, an invite or mail us at nekori.8736 or desciator.3041. Hope to hear back soon!
  • Hi everyone,

    First of all, I have been playing since its launch. More active on WvW followed by Pve contents. No Pvp. I am a working adult in my 30s in Sea zone time. Been not so active in recent years due to work and travelling commitments. My wife occassionally will use my account too. So both of us will take turns to play once a while.
    Been with Sos server on 2nd year till now. Have been through a few guilds but have since moved on to other servers as they are competitive.
    And manage to stick with 1 guild for a couple of years contributing as and when. But realized that our rank was not promoted as much, Guild was not active anymore and leaders have abandoned and items we contributed and donated cannot be withdrawn. As much as we wana stay and be loyal I left the guild.

    What I can do for the Guild:
    Main 2 characters I used alot Elementalist ( Tempest ) follow by , Guardian or (Dragonhunter), 8 characters, most mounts. Pof, Hot.
    A) Contributions and Help if needed
    B) Loyalty
    C) No Idea?

    Guild I am looking for:

    1) SOS Server only. ( Best community )
    2) Opting for either Casual Small to Medium sized Guild , not competitive ( Best if its casual friends, family stytles, even u have 10 members I wouldn't mind, Eu, Na, SeaTime zones doesn't matter )
    3) I need to have a Higher rank or Officer to be able to contribute or withdraw ( Rest assure I will contribute and withdraw when necessary only, will seek permission )
    4) Sometimes I will be very active and inactive for months dues to work commitments, sometimes my wife will play abit but I am loyal just hope that your guild do not move to other server !!

    Pm me Xkaitox.7532 or Inbox here

  • Guild [THOR] The House of Raptors is pleased to have anybody interested to join. International guild, Eu & NA are welcome. doing PVE, PVP, Fractals, Raids, WvW [Aurora Glade & Underworld]. No Permanent rep required. Discord server always voice channels up. Very friendly guild & that's the most important :)
    Guild is couple weeks old and we are building fast. if you are interested to join please PM [ Coda.9185 / Heaven.9480 / Mister Trash.8362 ]

  • medivh.4725medivh.4725 Member ✭✭
    edited September 23, 2020

    Daily Player for Guide Intake -Ehmry Bay server.
    Msg me here, in game, or in discord

  • Ok my frineds and I are returning players and have decided to level a guild I started 5 years ago, AAYM - All About Your Mum (sorry I created it when I was yonug and carefree), We are on the NA server, some of us are Australian and some are American (but all are welcome). There are players that are on alot and I mean alot!. We are happy to help new and old members. Some will like PVP some will like everything else. We are gender friendly, so please be respectful in chats. Discord channels are available.
    Just remember here at AAYM we are about your mum, but we'll cook her breakfast if that puts a smile on her face.

  • Hello I recently hit level 80 Mesmer and im still new to the game and im looking for a new player friendly guild that is willing to take me in and help me grow with the game so that i can fully enjoy this game that im coming to love let me know my server is Isle of Janthir thank you for your consideration.

  • @Naifz.6138 said:
    :) Simple Rule [ SR] Europe recruiting! new members we're just new just started friendly guild that want to have fun if ur social newbie or raider that wants to raid when we sort out a raiding team ur more than welcome to join us.

    u can send a message to Naifz.6138 or Genesis Gnosis.8706 in-game for an invite
    and ur welcome to join our discord: https://discord.gg/k9U93F

    للمعلومية كلنا عرب يعني حياك لو انت عربي و حاب تدخل معنا :)<3

    subjay77#2730 كيف ترسل لي انفايت ؟
    اللنك ما اشتغل معي

  • relati vely experienced, mostly with fractals, up to t4 and cm levels but looking to start raiding with a guild( Preferably dark/vampire themed bceause im edgy lol). I main alacrigade and am down for any weekly group content

  • A father and daughter team looking for a CASUAL guild on the Darkhaven server.

  • Hiyas all Brethren of [PAIN] is recruiting we are a older guild that resides on Henge of Denravi server a ever since little after the launch of gw2. We welcome all recruits or veterans and any in between. We have a max level guildhall and host guild events every Sunday. On Saturdays we do world versus world events which we upload fights to YouTube on the weekends as well. We also have a guild discord and have a pvx settup in terms of World versus World and Pve. Message prototypedragon.1406 in game for a invite and more details.

  • Hi there, we have a small guild - OMG on EU servers- which I am hoping to try and rebuild as most members have stopped playing recently, with just the loyal few remaining. The guild has a level 43 guild hall which is Sandswept Haven and we are still working on getting it to max level. We are friendly and helpful and like to have a laugh, mainly PVE but always willing to do other areas of the game if people wish! We also have a discord server.
    If you would like to join or have any questions please let me know :D
    You can message me in game, look forward to hearing from you !


  • Hi I`m a returning player, and i would like to join a guild. Casual player with Interest in PVE. Thank you.

  • Hi Tatanit.2197, Wanna join my guild? we are new

  • Hello, I am a new player to the game. I am currently playing a Necromancer. I am level 80 of course and no idea on where to focus. I could use the help. I do prefer a guild with more mature people in it.

    P.S I am streaming it, in case its a deal breaker.

  • [EU][GH][PvE][WvW] Casual player looking for a guild. Play when work allows but mostly over weekends. Working on getting ascended / legendary gear and need to get griffon. Learning fractal and WvW.

  • Hey guys if your looking for PVP guild please join Gods Of PVP (PVP)
    We do unrank ranked and tournaments.
    We also help new players to get better builds and learn them how to become the best in their own chosen class. Join our discord for invite https://discord.gg/fmU4cHw
    Or send in game mail to viper.6978
    Thanx guys im lookinf forward to meeting you all

  • xFlake.6857xFlake.6857 Member
    edited September 28, 2020

    Hi. I'm noob, looking for guild. Want to understand content of this game, tired to play alone

  • desicator.3041desicator.3041 Member
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    Hey, All!
    Order of the Silver Jaguar [OTSJ] is recruiting members to join a newer and friendly guild! ^^ Guild Hall (Gilded Hollow Lv. 13) We are mostly casual, but do aim to help inexperienced members learn Fractals, Strike Missions, Raids. We are a an EU server, but we have members in various time zones! We are a guild unopposed to trying anything new! We do weekly Guild Missions and do encourage asking for help with anything ^^
    To Join:
    You can join the Discord server (highly recommended) through : https://discord.gg/Sk4yJCZ
    Let us know what platform you've joined from as well ^^ and to add you in game
    In-game you can message / mail desicator.3041 or nekori.8736 or Herecles.5809

  • Zireael.6713Zireael.6713 Member
    edited October 7, 2020

    I’m looking for a casual guild. I have social phobia and are a introvert. Hope that is okay. Would love some help to find a guild that would take me in. 😁

  • [EU] The Jade Dragon [Jade] is recruiting!

    Casual guild, PvX (Mostly PvE), Fractals, raids and raid trainings and more!
    Are you a new player, a veteran guild wars 2 player, or have you been on a break from guild wars 2?
    Are you Looking for a friendly guild to help you on your epic adventures?
    Then "The Jade Dragon" might be the place for you!
    We are a Friendly PvX guild who likes to enjoy all sorts of content from Guild Wars 2 and make new friends along the way!


    To be active most days of the week and to have Discord to join the server!
    Any skill level is accepted.
    Be respectful to other guild mates and staff and most important, have fun with us! Mic is preferred for Guild Missions and Raid Training, but no need to talk if you don't want, listening is important.

    What we offer?

    Maxed out Guild Hall, Daily Raid Trainings / Raid Clears, Guild Missions, Fractal Trainings, Fractal Runs, Fractal CMs, Fractal CM Training and more upcoming events!
    From time to time we'll include others including Fashion Wars, Monthly Lottery, Beetle Racing, Jumping Puzzle Races and so on!
    Helpful information on the game and it's current events via Discord channels.
    Possibility to join events from our allied guild Celestial Bunnies!

    What we aim to be?

    We aim to be friendly community. We want to provide all members a good time, to laugh with us and to enjoy playing this game with us.
    We include our staff on hand to help out with anything regarding the game.. and don't be a stranger, ask anything if you need help or if you have suggestions about anything!

    These are our rules

    • Respect others. Treat all other players with dignity and respect. Be respectful of other members of the guild, their abilities, their contributions, and any extra duties they perform to keep the guild running.
    • We all play to have fun. Don't ruin it for other people. It is you, and not the Guild Leadership, who is primarily responsible for whether you are having fun or not.
    • Abusive, threatening, discriminatory, or prejudicial behaviour of any form is expressly forbidden and will be met with immediate expulsion from the guild. Intentionally vexatious, obstructive, malicious, hostile, aggressive, or insulting behaviour is not acceptable.
    • Join our discord. Make sure to join the discord so we can communicate with one another during events such as guild missions and also to stay up to date with our guild.

    Where can I sign up?!

    Contact me via game Santeri.1390 or via Discord Santeri#1999 if you're interested! :)

    Last Edit: 09th of October 2020

  • Cabpoint.5826Cabpoint.5826 Member ✭✭
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    [NA, but can accept EU too] [Casual, PvX goal oriented] [SAO] Sword Art Online Kings -
    A guild built from Beta rises from the ashes to be born anew! Since returning to the game after 4 long years (since March) the Guild Leaders acquired our long deserved Guild Hall!
    We can also focus on helping each other out with open world exploration, story, or just chatting to keep up good conversations. Fractals, strikes, and other "high-tiered" content can be tackled together.

    -Don't really intend to be hardcore with WvW (yet).. I've been honing/learning my commander skills in PvE Meta events and ranked past level 500 in WvW along ago. The guild leaders' home server is Sea of Sorrows.

    EU players are accepted too. Even if we can't "play" together, you guys can still access the guild hall, guild buffs, guild stash, and even start guild missions.

    We will accept anyone from both new and returning players alike. (18+ preferred, all adults here -can't always be nice)
    Message us in-game (Cabpoint.5826 or Remixed.7146) to ask how we can help each other.

  • Join our guild, we welcome all who have the characteristics of a Trickster. The Goddess Lyssa blesses us. We are a small expanding guild, that plays every content. Fractals, Dungeons, Strikes, Raids, down to PVP and up to WvW (Ehmry Bay) we do it all. We are a community that cares about players, who are eager to help develop you as a player. If you need help just ask. Monthly raffles, events, competitions and more await you at (MASK).

    Join our discord: https://discord.gg/v7xQsNJB : Message me: Avery.1569 ingame or Apollo.5180

  • Hello, looking for a guild to participate in the guild missions. Thanks :)

  • Hey, looking for a guild to run stuff with. Conquest, WvW, etc... seems to be the only place to search for a guild.
    NA/ Ferg Crossing willing to transfer if need be.
    IGN: Cook X / Backwoods.7906

  • Hello everyone!!
    I am looking for a well established but casual guild that also does strikes, Raids, PVP, and WVW.
    I play on the EU server, and main warrior and revenant. I am currently equipping my warrior with ascended gear and would love to contribute to the guild missions so as to earn guild commendations for buying ascended accessories.
    Please let me know if you have a spot open for me.

  • TheJgiron.9872TheJgiron.9872 Member
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    I'm looking for a guild to join, I've just recently started playing casually again. I mainly play the story and WvW. Fairly new to raids and the strike missing.
    I'm currently trying to unlock my mounts. Nearly completed the Griffon, my next one would be the beetle and I've started the Skyscale Collection around Tyria (which is so difficult) still have to hatch and feed it XD...
    I play on the EU server as a Guardian
    Server: Aurora Glade
    IGN: Nukoro

  • LF Guild to help me learn WVW on NA Sorrow's Furnace (WVW/PVP Casual/Semi-Hardcore PST)