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  • Hi, i m looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild, I m from Eu. The main reason is because i want to do raids more freaquently and learn more about them. Also i can almost play every role in the game .
    if you want to reach me out my tag in the game is migueltv.6512

  • THE WILDERNESS is a new guild! No drama/stress. Our focus is small group open world pve, also WvW on Isle of Janthir. We are very beginner-friendly. If you want some help learning (especially wvw), let us know. If you aren't on Isle of Janthir, please note your first server transfer is free! Come have fun with us!

  • Hello
    I will be honest from start, im playing some time but i decided i would like to join guild, i never was and didint even try get in to one till now.
    Im on world named Underworld. I want to join guild purly for benefits, nothing else, i only play open world content mostly Pof and living world season 4 and some Icebrood saga barely Hots content. I might join guild discord but i wont talk using microphone, if someone needs help (with lets say bounty or similar stuff) i might help, im not very social person, so Gw2 is great for me, and if you dont mind such person in your guild i would like to join. And last thing i know it may sound weird but if guild name wont be in my taste or however i can say it i wont join. If there are other things i can contribute to guild and i dont know about them yet ill try. I know it sounds selfish and it is, but i like playing without any kind of stress or bare minimum. Also i dont do pvp, wvw, fractals and raids, i dont think i ever do but who knows.

  • HolyTomato.2569HolyTomato.2569 Member
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    B) Hey! I'm a new casual player, looking for a friendly guild. I love PVP, trading, raiding, and everything mmorpg games have, so in high level I'll join everything I can.
    Discord: Jazz#5329
    GW2: HolyTomato.2569

  • Hello, i'm a GW2 player from its very beginning. That doesn't mean i'm a good player. it just means i play a lot. always by myselve and now i would like to try joining a guild. i don't do TS or Discord . is there a nice guild that i could join and where not speaking ingame isn't a loss? i'm Dutch but it can be in English or in German.
    please let me know. thx.

  • In English
    Hello everyone !
    I'm Jacques, leader of the Dragons of Draezor (DD) guild in NA.
    Our BRAZILIAN guild is structured, organized and is expanding, with more than 200 members, going to 300.
    We have coordinators for PVP, Fractal, Raid, WvW and Events areas.
    Just look for me online to invite.
    Thanks for listening.

    Em Português
    Olá a todos !
    Sou Jacques, lider da guilda Dragons of Draezor (DD) em NA.
    Nossa guilda BRASILEIRA é estruturada, organizada e está em expansão, com mais de 200 membros, indo para 300.
    Temos coordenadores para áreas de PVP, Fractal, Raid, WvW e Eventos.
    Basta me procurar online para invite.
    Obrigado pela atenção.