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Sandswept Isles water portions of the map seem wasted/underused

Zaraki.5784Zaraki.5784 Member ✭✭✭✭
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I really like the new map (one of my favourite maps of all gw2) but I've got the feeling that despite being isles, with a lot of water parts, these parts are basically useless, just used as a road or to farm difluorite nodes, no relevant events/achievements take place in underwater parts.
Did you think about it? Was it deemed unworthy to be put effort in or something else?
Just curious because it could've made the map even more perfect imo.

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  • Assic.2746Assic.2746 Member ✭✭✭
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    I feel like the entire south & southwest part of the map is deserted. There is nothing there except for a few bounty targets. The map is really big, much bigger than Domain of Istan, but it doesn't feel like it because major events happen around the Hunting Grounds and Western Complex.

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