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Instance boundaries

Could you please make the boundaries in instances a bit larger? They are not visible in the world and it is very easy to get outside. In this episode, there are even enemies behind the boundary (in a story step), so when you teleport to them (or use a targeted leap or something) you get kicked before you can react - and you have to do it all again, which is not really fun.

You recently started changing the boundaries dynamically and restricting the movement a lot. I also had issues in the PoF story when walking to the next NPC before somebody is done talking kicks you and you have to wait through the long dialogue again. I am not a fan of this change. At least make sure that no red/green NPCs are outside of the boundaries, please. The time to react is not long enough either, as you usually jump of a ledge or make a long leap with a raptor when this happens.

How do you determine how to set these?
Were there ever any issues caused by boundaries being too loose?


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    I would also add that the timer before you're kicked out is unreasonably short. I was kicked out right at the end of the gauntlet in the Olmakhan village, the one where Braham shields the kids and you, while you have to fight your way through the enemies. Towards the end, there is a platform with friendly NPCs, which you have to defend against two waves of enemies. The problem is, the instance boundary is just metres away and there are additional mobs fighting some friendly NPCs. Needless to say, in the heat of the fight I charged into them, the kickout message popped up and literally an instant later I was out.

    There should be a bit more time before people are booted and preferably with a much better visual warning than just a simple small message - its' easy to overlook if you're focusing on something else, like your ability bar or something... Flash the screen boundaries or something, or fade the screen out a bit, so that it can't be missed. And make the grace period longer than just 2 or 3 seconds - what's the harm in extending it to 5 or even more?