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Missing API Skills - Thief Steal Skills

Hey there,

Title says it all. I went through the entire list of skills but seemingly can't find the new thief steal skills for raids, unless I'm being blind. Will these be added to the API?



  • I apologize for being brief, but I wanted to speak to this - basically the short version is that skills can become available to the player via many different systems in the game, and not all of those systems are connected up to the API. I don't know what the long term action will be on our part, but we are definitely talking about this internally and working to find a good solution.

    Thanks for bringing this up!

  • I guess this is the same for photon forge skills as well?

  • Leablo.2651Leablo.2651 Member ✭✭✭

    I realize this is the API forum but there's also a more fundamental issue with the fact that these skills also do not show up anywhere in the game UI except when you are in combat, which is not the best place to be reading about them. Additionally, the build panel has never shown chain skills (the most obvious issue being #1 autoattack chains that only show the first attack). Thus you have to equip a weapon in order to see what it actually does, as most relevant effects are applied on the 3rd hit.

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