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Can we see more of Aurene outside of combat?

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I feel like we've lost touch with the bond we are supposed to have with her, as the Commander who went through all that hell to take care of the egg, defend it as it hatched, and quite literally taught Aurene the basics of how to be a kind and good dragon etc... And lately the only time we see her is in the midst of fights. She saved our butts during Daybreak, gave us a vision, and then disappeared afterwards until she later re-appeared to take down things in our way in LS4 Episode 2. I absolutely loved getting to see her in the open world even for that brief moment to check in with her. But I still feel like our bond is weaker than it should be.
Can we see more of her/are we going to, outside of combat situations? Check in with her, spend a bit of time with her like we did in LS3. We went through so much to protect her and now she's becoming an important part of our situation - but we don't ever see her until we're in over our heads.


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    I think she should be in our home instance, invisible to everyone until your character approaches her. Or something like that...