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Advice for legendary weapon path?

I am trying to get kudzu, never crafted a legendary before. I got the precursor, but I need everything else.

My plan is to do fractals until I get enough gold to buy mats, but I burn out easily when I have to repeat the same stuff again and again (and it’s almost 2k gold).

Any advice on alleviating this process?


  • Spread things out a bit - farm different things. Use your different currencies, such as laurels.
    Make sure you get started on the Gift of Battle reward track in WvW.

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    Have you looked into exactly what you need and how it's obtained? IMO that's an important first step so you're not hit with a nasty surprise when you go to get that one last little thing and find it's going to take hours or hundreds of gold. Especially the parts which can't simply be bought with gold.

    I also recommend working on everything together, a bit at a time, rather than trying to complete one thing and then move on. That way you're less likely to get burned out and it can feel less daunting. One day you could play WvW for the Gift of Battle and the next day if you don't feel like doing WvW you don't have to because you can work on map completion for the Gift of Exploration instead, or do PvP or Twilight Arbor for the Gift of Thorns, or simply farm gold or materials.

    Also I recommend making the 77 Mystic Clovers before you get the T6 materials for the Gift of Might and Gift of Magic - because if the Mystic Clover recipe 'fails' it can give T6 mats instead so that will reduce the amount you need to farm/buy. You should also save your laurels because they can be used to buy bags of T6 materials and since they don't have many other uses (especially not ones that help with a legendary) it's a good way to get them.

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    To the OP;
    If you haven't started Map Completion for your Gift of Exploration, get going on it, and gather everything on the way. You'll make a bit of gold while you get this done.
    Set your WvW reward Track to the Gift of Battle Track, and start doing some WvW, even if it's just some of the Dailies, you'll need Gift of Battle for Gift of Mastery.
    Go do Twilight Arbor! You'll need 500 Tokens for Gift of Thorns, a component of Gift of Nature.
    If you haven't yet, Start leveling Huntsman and Leatherworker Crafting Disciplines while you 'farm' mats on you Exploration journey, you'll need both crafts for Gift of Wood and Gift of Nature, for the Gift of Kudzu.

    A legendary, is a long-term goal, but gets easier the more you actually make, because you become familiar with the process. The first Legendary you craft is daunting. Breaking it down into smaller chunks makes it so much easier.
    Work on one small part first, then set another goal.
    I'd highly recommend Gw2efficiency, to keep track of your progress material-wise. It's very nice seeing how you progress when you've done a little bit towards what you need to obtain, and it puts it into perspective.

    @Danikat.8537 said:
    You should also save your laurels because they can be used to buy bags of T6 materials and since they don't have many other uses (especially not ones that help with a legendary) it's a good way to get them.

    At the moment, Medium crafting bags yield more Gold/laurel. Always buy the highest sell price >sell > buy what you need.
    Don't buy T6 bags because you need T6, when you can buy a lower tier and get more bang for your buck, and buy more of what you actually need.

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