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[EU] So we heard you want to do Serpents' Ire? (March 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th!)

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Hey everyone!

At OpenCommunity we do Serpents' Ire every week on Thursdays at 16:50 CET, but recently we've been getting more and more requests to do it at various different times due to everyone wanting to complete their shiny new backpiece collection, so we decided that next week will be a special Serpents' Ire Week, so we'll be scheduling 3 extra Serpents' Ire events in addition to our regular one!

Since people mostly poke us saying that they're annoyed going through failed LFG run after failed LFG run, I figured I might as well make a post on reddit as maybe someone here needs the event as well! ^^

So, next week (March 19th - 25th), we are doing Serpents' Ire on the following days:

  • Tuesday - 16:50 CET
  • Thursday - 16:50 CET
  • Friday - 21:20 CET
  • Saturday - 16:50 CET

You can also check out our event calendar to see the times in your local time zone!

How to join?

We're a Teamspeak community, so we're one of those old timers that still run our events on Teamspeak. You can join any of our events by simply hopping onto our TS at ts.gw2oc.org at the event time!

Our Teamspeak has no password and no mic requirements, so you don't need to speak if you don't want to or if you're feeling shy, but one of the reasons why our events remain successful, fun, and positive is simply the communication we have on our Teamspeak and the more human connection our commanders can make while commanding!

Teamspeak address: ts.gw2oc.org (no password, no mic required)

We know a lot of people have ditched TS for Discord already (and we use Discord as well - for text chat outside of game, it just doesn't suit our needs as far as voice is concerned), but if you want to give it a chance and come join us, you wont regret it!

EDIT: I wanted to add that people who've never done Serpents' Ire before are of course welcome and even especially invited! One of the perks of being on Teamspeak is that we're able to offer explanations & give advice to people live rather than having to stop & type halfway through an event, for which there usually isn't much time during key moments ^^