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Is there a possibility that we playing Renegade not the way intended?

Is there a possibility that we playing Renegade not the way intended?
Most of us assume it's just a typical condition spec. But maybe it has another purpose that we have not realize, and conditions are just a side effect of it? What you think?


  • Jthug.9506Jthug.9506 Member ✭✭✭

    Well it's a fact that the spec is not working as intended, the +25% bleed duration trait no workie

  • What? They still didn't fix that? O_O

  • Yes, there is a possibility to play in a way unintended.

    Renegade was intended to be an offensive support spec. Instead you get to play as a piece of literal garbage that had it's only redeemable PVE support skill (Soulcleave) nerfed by 50% (which Anet somehow left our of the patch notes. Surprise), and in PVP you are a point pinata with zero defenses, no damage, and no support.

  • narcx.3570narcx.3570 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    It's actually a lot better than I thought it'd be, especially outside of a condi spec...

    If you're playing power Shiro and drop soul cleave right on the point and somebody actually fights you in it... Oh man are they screwed. It feels like what Shiro should probably have been all about in the first place--mark an area of ground and have insane life steal while fighting within your mark. Also, it (unlike the other idiot spirits) doesn't have a cooldown, so if they leave the area or he gets killed, you can just re-channel him.

    Darkrazor is like the ultimate panic button too... Not only do you break stun and get stability, but he just daze bombs the area for 5 seconds; using him offensively to secure a kill is really cheesy too because he handles the interrupts while you focus on bursting.

    You can run Invigorating flow to make up the loss of swiftness from Glint and then make up the Might you miss from not having Incensed Response/Shared Empowerment/Facets with Vindication and Nefarious Momentum...

    Also, Unrelenting Assault and Surge both proc Wrought-Iron Will, if you're playing for the retaliation.

    It actually comes together in a pretty nice little kit.

  • I definetly don't deny that but also, but considering I find that power Renegade is stronger than condi renegade I think there are some flaws.

  • messiah.1908messiah.1908 Member ✭✭✭✭

    the way you need to think of it is more of team bruiser.
    the two good and only skills are heal and elite and maybe F2. as mention above enhance team dmg with elite, decrease condition dmg with heal but thats all.