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PoF Story part "The Sacrifice", stuck

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I'm stuck at the point where Canach says "I suggest we keep looking north" at a scorch mark. He then stays at this place and doesn't move. Nowhere in this instance is anything else to find or interact for me. When I came to this point I thought it's bugged and restarted the whole thing. Now I'm at the same issue again, and it might be bugged. Has anyone successfully passed this instance? If so, what did you do?. I ran around that relatively small area for 30 minutes and cannot find what I'm supposed to find.


[edit] found the way, not really north, but maybe he meant up you go...leave this here for others who don't find the way.


  • Thank you! I never thought of checking up the rocks, because it was right at the edge of the big green field I was supposed to search...

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