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PLEASE read this brief message

Hey folks,

I just did some merging, and then some more merging. And some merges of the merges. :anguished: Some of the threads have the same topic right in the title -- which means the redundancy would be hard to miss -- and several were just a few threads apart, meaning they were clearly visible with a quick scan of the front page. Plus, we have a working search engine! <-- something I celebrate every day. :D

So please, before posting, take a look to see if the issue you're going to write about already is being discussed here on the forums. That will save all of us a bunch of time, from the people who review and correct the issues to the forum members who may wonder if what they've noted is, indeed, a bug.

Oh, and if something is still a bug, please don't make a new thread! Simply add your update to the existing thread and that will update us more efficiently and productively than having multiples all over the subforum.


Gaile Gray
Communications Manager: ArenaNet
Fansite & Guild Relations; In-Game Events; Community Showcase Live



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