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Champions Storm Invisible/Newer monthly items

NotoriousNaru.1705NotoriousNaru.1705 Member ✭✭✭

The champions storm is pretty cool but the item itself is so hard to see and is very transparent. The colors are not as defined as they can be and was hoping for a remodel :).

Also alot of the new monthly items feel like no work is being put to them compared to the older models. The dragon looking like a paper drawing(inside a really cool aura tho but the dragon itself ruins it).
I wish the same quality was kept for the newer monthly items as the older ones such as every crown, the moon, the sun, and the laurel(those specifically having 3D models along with a cool aura).
Would be really cool if the dragon and some of the other newer ones had the same texture and 3D look tht the laurel has.


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