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Empower Allies vs Discipline for fractal pugs

I guess you should always take Empower Allies if you have two other power dps in your group, but what if there is only one power dps, or if everyone is condi? Does the personal dps gain from taking Discipline outweigh it then? (I'm assuming you still take Banners for utilities.)


  • I never did the math myself, but Im sure the bonus from banner, the new damage modifier on warrior sprint and the axe trait will provide more then 150 power to all if all other are condi classes
    But then again, it will prob rarely happen

  • Mikeskies.1536Mikeskies.1536 Member ✭✭✭

    If you are condi and there is 1 power DPS in your group and you outdps them with tactics, take Discipline.

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