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Accessing Chat Logs

Is there an 'official' way to access the GW2 chat logs? perhaps via API?

I'm looking to create a tool to make it easier to record drop-rates from multiple bags (to plug up some of the holes containers have in the wiki), and was intending to combine character inventory data from an api link with chat data to chart the individual drops and drop-ranges.
Ideally I'd like to use "" to directly record items going in-and-out (what I'd consider the 'easy way'), but the loading time is around 6 seconds it can't keep up with "open all".

I believe that the "Guild Wars 2 Dmg Meter" records some numerical data from chat without breeching the ToS, but I haven't had a lot of experience with coding beyond a fairly basic TP/price-tracking spreadsheet, so I think implementing something computer vision based might be a bit beyond me (unless somone's aware of a pre-existing tool I haven't found).


  • There is no official way to access the GW2 chat logs. "Guild Wars 2 Dmg Meter" is open source so you could see how they recognize damage done in the chat log and use something similar for what you're doing. The GitHub repository for its code is

  • While the inventory endpoint can not keep up with you opening bags in real-time, it is possible to get a snapshot of your inventory 'before opening' and 'after opening' . Comparing those will at least tell you the totals (and averages). Another option would be to wait five minutes between each bag :sleeping:

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