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For PvP, warrior meta is definitely different.

Keyba.9570Keyba.9570 Member ✭✭✭

Hey guys and gals.
After testing out a few builds (including spellbreaker, berserker, and core) the build I think I had the most success on was Core Rampage.
The buff to rampage is amazing even though they lowered the duration.
The days of being a perma side node duelist are over in my opinion. Instead, I started in the mid fight then pushed around where needed from there.
Here is the build and my twitch link with some VoDs of me using the build.


  • Elegie.3620Elegie.3620 Member ✭✭

    I mostly play core warrior, so have the Strength specialization and can trait physical, and yesterday in WvW rampage was plenty of fun, especially with the 72s CD. I still think some rampage skills could be adjusted (reducing the aftercast after the jump, increasing the range of the charge), but now it's probably become my go-to elite.

    Haven't tried to revive the old school Frenzy Rampage yet, must find the time to free a slot for Frenzy.

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